Power Ionics® New Power Ionics Titanium Ionic Magnetic Bracelet Band 2000ion/cm3,Adjustable,Fit for size 6"-8" 5 Colors - Read Reviews and Compare



Power Ionics Titanium Magnetic Adjustable
Category: Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

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Power Ionics has 40 products available for sale in the category of Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry.

Power Ionics is rated 6 out of 10 based on 732 reviews.

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Who should wear This product:
- should you've got to use a computer or a mobile phone for a very long period of time.
- should you have to remain focused on your job for a long time period.
- If a job requires you to stand or do laborious work for quite a while and if you're someone who constantly gets cold hands and cold feet.
- If you have problems like tense nerves, bad blood flow, or stiffness along with shoulder and neck pains.
- In case you're weakly resistant to diseases and catch colds easily.
- should you've got a stressful life design and wish to relax and regain your energy.
- should you've got an intermittent life style and are often sleepless.
- If you are fond of sports and would like to develop your sport fitness.

- Reduce muscle tension and improve flexibility - Injury prevention.
- Reduce fatigue and tension and thus boost the capability to perform at optimal level.
- Enhance blood flow.
- Alleviate Discomfort and improve sleep.
- Color: Black,White,Red,Blue,Yelow.
- Size: Bracelet Length: Flexible(the length may be cut by yourself),fit for size (6"-8"), Bracelet Width: 8mm.
- Materials: Hybrid with Tourmaline & Titanium,Germanium Powder,Stainless steel,2x500 Gauss Magnetic Balls.
- Come With Retail Box.

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#20 in adjustable bracelet women

#31 in women magnetic bracelet

#40 in magnetic bracelets women