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Soothing Flexible Therapy Beads Snugly
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Gel beads fit snugly to the contours of the face.
Completely covers the sinuses, eye and eyebrow area.
Adjustable elastic straps


Help provide soothing relief from:
Dry, upset or puffy eyes
Stiffness and muscle pain, black circles
Sinus and allergy breakouts
Tension headaches (including migraines)


Cold usage
Cold slows down blood flow which helps to reduce swelling, swelling, inflammation, redness, and anxiety and headaches
1. Put pack in the freezer for approximately 30mins or in fridge for a minimum of 1 hour.
(Beads stay pliable even when suspended.)
2. Employ pack to your face. Wrap in a paper towel if too cold.
3. Leave for a max of 10mins and then remove for at least rest if needed, before repeating. If any discomfort is felt remove the bunch.

Warm usage
Heating stimulates blood circulation which helps open up nasal passages helping to alleviate sinus pain
1. Wrap pack in a moist cloth or paper towel. Microwave pack for 20 seconds on HIGH until package is hot but not sexy. If pack isn't hot enough, microwave again at increments, but don't exceed 35 seconds. Evaluation heat by applying to the arm.
2. Apply warm pack. If too hot, wrap in a paper towel.
3. Leave for a max of 10mins before copying if needed, and eliminate for at least 30mins break. If any discomfort is felt remove the bunch.

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