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TreeActiv Bacteria Eliminates Furniture Refresher
Category: Beauty & Personal Care

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Size:Lavender Scent

Freshen Up Naturally and Eliminate Acne and Odor Causing Bacteria

TreeActiv Natural Linen Spray is our normal remedy for freshening up the substances the skin comes into contact with all the many by killing odor and acne causing germs. In doing so, you can cut the amount of bacteria your skin is subjected to and help prevent future breakouts.

As a result of the critical waters in our Natural Linen Spray, unpleasant odors are substituted with soft organic aromas that give a calming effect.

How to Use

Spritz over clothes, bedding, furniture, exercise equipment, carpeting and more to eliminate bacteria and freshen them up with a pleasant scent. Use as frequently as desired.

Powerful Natural Ingredients

Peppermint Water, Tea Tree Water, Lavender Water, Clary Sage Extract

Find Your Solution Guarantee

In TreeActiv, we stand with our products with the Locate Your Solution Guarantee. If this product doesn't satisfy your expectations, we will use you to find a different a TreeActiv product which really does, and supply you with a complete refund.

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#11 in yoga towel spray lavender

#13 in sleep pillow spray

#15 in lavender spray