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Purdy 144152220 2 Nylox Glide Angular Brush 6ct Case product image


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Purdy 144152230 3 Nylox Glide Angular Brush 6ct Case product image


Purdy 144116025 2 1 2 Extra Oregon Angular Brush 6ct Case product image


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Purdy 140080115 1 1 2 Clearcut Dale Angular Trim Brush 6ct Case product image


Purdy 144380230 Nylox Sprig Paint product image

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Purdy had its start in a converted two automobile garage in Portland, Oregon with five employees in 1925. Creator, S. Desmond Purdy thought that handcrafting the best painting tools might take somewhat longer but was the only method to "construct in" superior policy and performance. It's this commitment to quality that's the foundation on which specialists rely upon and is the driving power behind each Purdy brush, roller, and tool that has our name on it.

We have built a broad product line of tools by attentively listening to the needs of professional painters. During time there have been modifications in coatings, modifications in the way the project is completed, along with the day to day demands of the pro. However, the one thing which has not, is our dedication to provide you with the very best tools for the task, and we'll continue today in precisely the same tradition Mr. Purdy began over 85 decades ago.

Since Purdy's beginnings in a small garage in Portland, Oregon in 1925, the art of brushmaking has always been at the very heart of this Purdy victory story. Purdy brushes are hand-made without compromise, in much the same way they were more than 85 years ago. The same principles and dedication to quality has laid the foundation upon which other categories are developed throughout time. This is because Pro's require quality, durability and functionality and Purdy provides each and every moment.

Brushmaking is serious business to Purdy that is exactly why these tools continue to be made by hand to the day. A lot of Purdy's brushmakers have just two to three decades of support - a few even over 30 decades. But, before somebody is reputable to craft brushes on their own, they go through extensive instruction for 2 years by their peers. Purdy has a strict code of standards which have been handed down from one generation to another since 1925. Professional painters have come to rely upon this norm to make their dwelling and we don't take this for granted.

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