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FlatBelly Queens

Our mission is to present factual and practical information on how to get rid of weight quickly and sustainably.

Our publications have helped thousands of customers achieve their weight loss goals and we hope to help even more people look and feel good.

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Jane Burton

I'm a writer passionate about cooking and eating organic foods directly from nature.

Being lucky enough to develop a farm in southern Australia helped me enjoy homemade foods. The cows and sheep we raised were grass fedup, our chickens ate the kitchen scraps and introduced us new eggs ahead.

It is a concern of mine that modern day supermarkets are packed with highly processed foods which are generally laden with preservatives and additives.
The Paleo lifestyle offers a way to revert back to the basic, common sense approach to eating. Your body will love you for this!

I hope you enjoy my Paleo recipe books and find out more about healthful eating habits generally.

Get your complimentary 15 Paleo friendly Desserts & Treats Recipes here:

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John Chatham

John Chatham is one of the most reliable names in diet and health books, ranking among the top 20 most popular writers in Health, Fitness & Dieting around Amazon AuthorRank. With a background in nutrition and physiology, and deep expertise on the benefits of gluten-free and Paleo ingestion, John Chatham has published hundreds of #1 best selling books that help individuals create positive adjustments to their diet and eating habits, including the New York Times Best Seller, Paleo Slow Cooker, and #1 Amazon Best Seller, Paleo for Beginners.

John lives and writes from the doctrine that every individual should be empowered to create the diet choices that work for their own body and their own lifestyle. Besides his reader-favorite Paleo series, John's catalogue also includes popular introductions to the best heart-healthy diets, for instance, Mediterranean Diet, along with The DASH Diet for Beginners.

John currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and his dog, Whiskey. He loves trail running, global travel, and a steak seared onto a well-seasoned cast iron skillet.

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Kenzie Swanhart

KENZIE SWANHART is the creator of the food website Cave Girl in the City and writer of Paleo and Spiralize It! In an effort to find equilibrium and regain a healthy lifestyle, Kenzie embraced the Paleo diet and maintains that a whole-food way of life. She began her website to talk about her recipes and healthful eating tips with others on a similar journey. Her aim has always been to assist others look and feel that their best without feeling dizzy. Her boyfriend and Kenzie, Julien, reside in Boston Charlie, with their dog.

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Loren Cordain

Dr. Cordain is currently a Professor at the Department of Health and Exercise Science at Colorado State University at Fort Collins, Colorado. His research emphasis over the past 15 years has focused upon the anthropological and evolutionary foundation for health, diet and wellbeing in people. Dr. Cordain's scientific publications have analyzed the nutritional features of worldwide hunter-gatherer diets as well as the nutrient composition of wild plant and animal foods consumed by foraging people. Over the past five years his work has concentrated upon the negative health consequences of the high glycemic load that is ubiquitous in the western diet. A number of the recent papers have proposed an endocrine connection between dietary deficiencies hyperinsulinemia and acne. Presently, Dr. Cordain’s research team is exploring the link between dietary elements which increase intestinal permeability (mostly saponins and lectins) and autoimmune disease, particularly multiple sclerosis. Dr. Cordain is the author of over 100 peer review books, most of which have been financed by both private and governmental agencies. He's the current recipient of the Scholarly Excellence award at Colorado State University for his gifts into understanding human nutrition that is optimal. He has lectured extensively on the "Paleolithic Nutrition" theory net, and has written three popular books (The Paleo Diet, '' John Wiley & Sons; The Paleo Diet for Athletes, Rodale Press; The Dietary Cure for Acne) outlining his study findings.

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