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Laurence Anholt

LAURENCE ANHOLT is a UK based author illustrator. He has made in more than 30 languages over 200 children's books in a career spanning three decades.

Titles like the the self-illustrated ANHOLT'S ARTISTS show along with the humorous SERIOUSLY SILLY STORIES have sold countless millions of copies across the globe. Laurence and his wife have also collaborated on several picture books.

Laurence's debut novel for Young Adults will be released in the UK from Penguin Random House in October 2016. THE HYPNOTIST is an extraordinary tale of bias and tolerance place in the Deep South of America - A piece of history, a sprinkle of magic realism and a twist of humor!

Born in 1959, Laurence Anholt has been composed largely in Holland in which he developed a lasting love of Art. He went on to study Painting for 2 years, culminating in a Master's Degree by the Royal Academy of Art in London. Laurence and Catherine live and work in a house on a hill with wild flower meadows and comforts, overlooking the ocean in Devon England.

Laurence's books have won a lot of awards, including the prestigious Nestlé Smarties Gold Award on two occasions. From UK libraries throughout all genres, Laurence has been for more than a decade. He was included in the Independent on Sunday's Top 10 Children's Authors in the united kingdom and has been described by William Watt as "one of the most versatile writers writing for children today".

Catherine and Laurence have been closely involved with lots of UK literacy strategies such as the UK Government funded Bookstart scheme. Their publication Babies Love Books (additionally a much-loved picture publication) encourages parents to share books with babies in the earliest possible age. Their work has taken them inside Downing Street and Buckingham Palace on several occasions.


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Sujatha Lalgudi

Sujatha Lalgudi has been writing and painting since her childhood.

She often conducts story-telling sessions for kids in schools and libraries to promote novel reading.
You can also find her publications in these languages:
Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Dutch, Finnish, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Greek, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Romanian, Turkish, Croatian, Malay (Bahasa Melayu) , Slovak, Czech, Estonian, Malayalam and Hindi.
She also holds a Masters Degree in Computers. After working for years at Silicon Valley's Hi-Tech Industry, she decided to pursue her enthusiasm for novels for children.

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Eric Carle

Eric Carle is acclaimed and dear because the creator of brilliantly illustrated and innovatively designed picture books for very young kids. His best-known work, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, has eaten its way into the hearts of literally millions of kids all over the world and has been translated into over 62 languages and sold over 41 million copies. Since the Caterpillar was published in 1969, Eric Carle has illustrated more than 70 books, several best sellers, the majority of which he also wrote.

Carle says: "With lots of my books I try to bridge the gap between the home and school. To me dwelling represents, or ought to symbolize; warmth, security, toys, holding hands, being held. School is a new and strange location for a young child. Will this be a joyful place? There are new people, a teacher, classmates - will they be friendly? I think the passage from home to school is the 2nd most important trauma of youth; the first is, obviously, being born. Indeed, in both situations we leave an area of warmth and security for one that's unknown. The unknown frequently brings fear along with it. In my books I attempt to counteract this panic, to replace it with a positive message. I think that children are naturally creative and eager to learn. I want to demonstrate that studying is actually both fascinating and fun."

Eric Carle includes two grown-up kids, a son and a woman. With his wife Barbara, he divides his time between the Florida Keys and the mountains of North Carolina.

For more information about Eric Carle and his novels please visit:

The Official Eric Carle web site:
Eric Carle's Blog:
The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art:
The World of Eric Carle:

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Candace Fleming

I have always been a storyteller. I might tell a tale, even before I could compose my title. And I told them all the time. I informed my neighbors all about my cat. I told my classmates about the ghost who lived in my attic. And grade I told my instructor all in my family's excursion.

I advised such a fantastic story that people always thought I had been telling the facts. However, I was not. I used ton't have a three-legged kitty or even a ghost in my loft, and I'd definitely never been to Paris, France. I simply enjoyed telling a fantastic story... and visiting my listener's response.

Sure, some folks might have said I was a seven-year old fibber. But maybe not my parents. Rather than calling my stories "fibs" they called them "imaginative." They invited me to put down my stories . I did. And amazingly, once I began writing, I couldn't stop. I filled notebook after notebook with stories, poems, plays. I still have a lot of these laptops. They're precious to me since they are a record of my writing life from elementary school on.

In 2nd grade, I found a passion for the language. I can still remember the day my teacher, Miss Johnson, held up a horn-shaped basket full of papier-mache pumpkins and asked the class to repeat the word "cornucopia." I said it again and again, tasted the word in my lips. I tested it on my ears. That afternoon, I jumped all the way home from school chanting, "Cornucopia! Cornucopia!" From then on, I truly began listening to the way that they were utilized, and the way they made me feel, and also words -- to the noises they made. I would like to place them together and told a story.

As I climbed, I continued to write stories. However, I never really considered becoming an author. I went to school where I discovered yet another pa

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