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Established in 1978, '' 'Go' still remains a family owned company and it's just as dedicated to bring advanced products to market since it had been nearly 30 years back. Initially there were just 10 objects in the range. Now, under its newest branding 'Proceed Travel', over 250 products span a wide array of consumer needs within the journey and gift industry. The Go Travel product range   are discovered in over 18,000 places across the UK and in over 45 nations around the world. With over 10 million units sold each calendar year, the brand continues to strengthen across domestic and worldwide borders.

What isn't commonly understood is that the company pioneered the idea of a co-ordinated assortment of travel accessories. Its success has resulted in healthy competition, spawning an Whole industry over the Area of travel which it still overlooks this very day

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Lewis N. Clark

Lewis N. Clark supplies items that keep travelers and outdoor fans comfortable, protected, and coordinated on their journeys. When it is a holiday, business trip, holiday adventure, weekend getaway, or camping excursion, Lewis N. Clark offers a means to turn your time as pleasurable as possible. Transform your next travel with Lewis N. Clark now.  

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Travel Gadgeteer

Travel Gadgeteer is a brand   committed   to providing top quality merchandise for all your common travel requirements. We achieve this by sourcing the ideal goods, optimizing and improving our product line because we continue to grow.

Our products are offered only by Amazon  from the USA and Europe.

In the event you ever have any queries or worries, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We really do appreciate your company!


Your Traveling Gadgeteer Team

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