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Pioneer was founded in 1938 in Tokyo, Japan by Nozomu Matsumoto - a guy with a passion for songs that he hoped to talk with the world through high excellent sound speakers. That fire began with a little operation to repair and fabricate speakers at Matsumoto's own garage. It has since grown to international stature as a manufacturer of audio and video products to be used at home, in the vehicle and in business surroundings.

The component that has not changed in nearly 70 years is that the fire for video and audio products which we hope to share with the entire world. In the workers at our study labs searching for the "next big thing" to the engineers at our factories centered on quality assurance to our merchandise trainers explaining the newest technology to our customers - we stay enthusiastic about producing an unparalleled entertainment encounter.

We ask you to spend some time exploring our products. Have a look at the brand new product line, learn more about the technology and how it can impact your life. We believe we will capture your enthusiasm for amusement. And that you might want to visit ... and listen to more.

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Hiromi Shinya

A resident of New York City, Dr. Hiromi Shinya directs the gastroenterologist world with brand new medical findings and techniques. He's a professor of surgery at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Head of the Endoscopic Center of Beth Israel Hospital in New York in Addition to an advisor for Maeda Hospital and Hanzomon Gastrointestinal Clinic in Japan. He is also Vice Chairman of the Japanese Medical Association in the United States. Long on the forefront of new medical knowledge Dr. Shinya is credited with pioneering colonoscopic surgery without the need for anesthesia. This technique is called the Shinya technique for his contribution.

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