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Earth Rated 120 Count Lavender Scented Refill product image


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Waste Poop Bags Count Bark product image


Waste Poop Bags Count Bark product image

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Solid Gold

Since America's first holistic pet food, Solid Gold has over 40 years of experience developing transformative nourishment for your pet.   All of our balanced recipes possess at least 16 nutrient dense superfoods and clean, higher quality proteins like whitefish, venison, chicken, bison and more.   Our holistic strategy deliver outcomes that you can find and your pet can sense.   Solid Gold - Superfood for Super Pets.

Broccoli, cranberries, blueberries, pumpkin, carrots, apple and more.   Our grocery list looks much like yours (or perhaps even better!) .  Your pet's health is high in mind, which explains precisely why our formulas are crafted with superior superfoods and the maximum quality of holistic ingredients.   We offer various holistic recipes to meet the requirements of pets of all ages and life stages.

  • Grain & Gluten Free Recipes
  • Healthy Whole Grain Recipes
  • White Potato Free Recipes
  • Weight Control Recipes
  • Mature, Little Dog and Big Spicy Recipes
  • Puppy and Kitten Recipes

As a brand, Solid Gold observe the free-spirited character of pets.   Pets are little beasts with giant personalities.     They are filled with individuality and carefree charisma. They let us stop everything we are doing and smile--every single moment. Pets aren't reluctant to jump and overlook, run and autumn, or even wag their tails so tough they go airborne 'cause they're just that joyful.   We observe pets for who they are--quirky beings that fill our lives without joy and surprise.   Assist fuel your furry friend free-spirit with superior nutrition.  

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