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Steve Gladis

Steve Gladis, Ph.D..

A leadership speaker, author and executive coach Dr. Steve Gladis is jurisdiction on the topic of leadership. CEO of both Steve Gladis Leadership Partners--a leadership development company--he is the author of 19 books on direction and also a professor at George Mason University. His firm works with companies, associations, and US government agencies, and that speaks regularly at seminars and parties. A former faculty member in the University of Virginia, Dr. Gladis also served as a FBI special agent and has been a decorated officer at the US Marine Corps. His company donates a part of profits back to the community. Positive Direction: The Game Changer at Work, his newest book, is available on Amazon.

New Book : Positive Direction: The Game Changer at Work
Web site:
Leadership Blog: Survival Leadership Ranked Number5 of Top 100 Direction Sites

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Jane E Dutton

Jane E. Dutton is the Robert L. Kahn Distinguished University Professor of Business Administration and Psychology at the University of Michigan.

. She works with organizations, educates and does research. She studies and writes about how people build premium quality connections, how folks craft their jobs, empathy at work ( and also how they construct self-identities which are strengthening. She's a co-founder of the Center for Favorable Organizations ( at the Ross School of Business.

She's won teaching and research awards and has written over 100 research papers and monographs( She leads workshops, assembles intervention instruments to bringing out the best in people (, teaches in executive programs on optimistic leadership, and loves performing research, instruction and change across the general subject of positive leadership.

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Senia Maymin

Senia Maymin is an executive mentor to CEOs and entrepreneurs. She is the coach on PBS’s Emotional Life. She contributes a coaches community and is the founder and editor in chief of a study news site. She also holds a BA from Harvard and MBA from Stanford, a Masters from the University of Pennsylvania, and a PhD. You are able to visit the research news website at, the coaches network at, and her website at

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