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Paula Moore

I was born and raised in Canada and have always been an energetic kind of girl - climbing trees and good at sport.I suppose I was praying to get an energetic career. After ten years practising as a nurse, I was frustrated with the quick fix approach to health care that I found in my private practice. When people stopped cure the signs would generally go because I simply didn't have enough time to teach people how to fix the root cause of their bad position.

I began making bearing videos based on techniques that I used to correct my own difficulty posture and when I noticed how hot they were I realised people wanted to learn to help themselves. I opted to write The Posture Doctor for a kind of do-it-yourself self help guide to great posture.

The Posture Doctor is a holistic approach to posture correction, even covering the art and science behind 'normal' and 'unnatural' posture in a language that's accessible and ultimately assists the reader create an activity plan to start correcting their posture and enhancing their well-being. And their are loads of pictures of actual people and plenty of 'healthy hints' and actions steps. I think that it's a fantastic fun!

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Dr. Tim Errington

Dr Tim Errington explains his early years as a journey of schooling. In technology, he also travelled the world operating with all the laws of the universe, creating a profound comprehension of how things can be constructed to last. A chance meeting introduced him to two young doctors who changed his life. Realising that all engineering laws have to be placed on the human body as well, the principles of chiropractic resonated deeply within him.

Dr Tim altered his direction in life to pursue his 'life's mission'. He moved to California to attend a few of the very prestigious psychiatric colleges in the planet, graduating with honours in 2003. After applying his knowledge about three continents and now in clinical practice in Singapore, his experience has fuelled his determination to make a difference. Dr Tim describes himself as a spinal scientist, along with his history gives him a useful and exceptional insight into the behaviour of the human structure as it exists within our gravity environment.

Dr Tim thinks it is time for professionals at the 'know' to stay up and be counted, to prevent merely treating the symptoms without correcting the cause. This publication is the next step into Dr Tim's journey as he sets about making a difference.

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