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Go Nutrients

I just wished to share a bit about me and the way Go Nutrients came to be.

Many years before, I found myself exhausted constantly and gaining weight although I had been quite active. Come to find out...that I was iodine deficient! After much research, I heard I was not the sole one. As stated by the World Health Organization, it is a significant health issue for roughly two billion people in the world.

On the other hand, the final thing I wanted was to take prescription and over-the counter meds. I wanted to find healthier options. And, the way most doctors make it seem, there are no other Alternatives. ​ ​ After tinkering with a couple of iodine nutritional supplements, I could not find anyone that I liked. I disliked taking pills and capsules because it was unknown when they included additives or fillers.

I cared about everything I put in my body. And, I wanted something which got into my system much faster and was easy to absorb. I liked taking liquid supplements. But, most were alcohol established which made it hard to take straight from the bottle (without even getting that alcohol burn).

This is when I decided to develop my own "alcohol-free" liquid herbal nutritional supplements. I created Go Nutrients since, in other words, I needed an easier way to take Grade A quality supplements. The kind of supplements that have ingredients and herbs that normal health (naturopathic) doctors take for their own health issues.

I Created Go Nutrients, for YOU.

I wanted to help people, like me, who've had the exact issues and concerns.

This is who I am and that we are...!

- James

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