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Top Private Investigator Series Brands

Dan Taylor

Dan Taylor is your comedy thriller writer of this Jake Hancock P.I. series. He has lived in Oslo, Norway, awhile and speaks the language fluently, even though it's hit-and-miss whether he can see what you're saying. Oh, and he still has not learned to ski nevertheless.

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Jack Huber

Jack was born in Southern California but currently resides in Colorado with his wife, Nadyne, along with also their Cairn Terrier, Lucy. Jack has found a niche in the detective/mystery/crime/thriller genres along with his own Pat Ruger Mystery Series books.

Jack also has several books of photography and poetry on the market and has been a Staff Writer for Poetic Monthly Magazine. His first poems were published when he was just 10 when two pieces submitted by a teacher were approved with a literary journal. Jack has since composed poetry off and on during his life.

Having the ability to weave mysteries was unexpected but understandable, considering that his influences growing up. Jack has always had a penchant for telling tales and he honored this caliber in his uncle, Pat. No, Pat Ruger was not modeled after his uncle...

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David Archer

David Archer is the USA TODAY and also AMAZON #1 bestselling author of this Sam Prichard, and Noah Wolf series.

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List of David's publications:


Fallback (Prequel)
The Grave Man (Book One)
Death Sung Softly (Book 2)
War and Love (Book Three)
Framed (Book Number)
The Kill List (Book Five)
Drifter: Part I (Book Seven)
Drifter: Part II (Book Seven)
Drifter: Part III (Book Eight)
The Last Song (Novel iii)
Ghost (Book Ten)
Hidden Agenda (Book Eleven)


The Way of the Wolf (Prequel)
Code Name: Camelot (Book 1)
Lone Wolf (Book 2)
In Sheep's Clothing (Book Three)
Hit For Hire (Book Number)
The Wolf's Bite (Book Five)
Black Sheep (Book Seven)

Justice Web (Book 1)
The Shadow Cage (Book 2)
Nostrado (Book Three)

David Archer was born and raised in Bakersfield, California. He's a fiction author and novelist, writing in the mysteries and thrillers genre. His method of writing is to reach deep, keep you amused, and also leave you wanting MORE with every flip of the page. He writes mysteries, thrillers, and suspense books, all of which can be primed to receive your heart pumping.

The writer's books are a mixture of puzzle, action, suspense, and comedy. If you're trying to find a good place to begin, take a peek at his bestselling Sam Prichard Novels, available today. You may grab copies in eBook, Audio, or even Paperback on all major retailers.

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Thomas Fincham

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THOMAS FINCHAM holds a degree in Economics. His travels around the globe have given him an appreciation for different cultures and faith. He has lived in Africa, Asia, and North America. A avid reader of mysteries and thrillers, he decided to give writing a try. Several books later, he could honestly say he has found his calling. He's married and resides in a hundred-year-old residence. He's the author of THE PAPERBOYS CLUB, THE OCTOBER FIVE, THE BLUE HORNET, along with the HYDER ALI SERIES.

He likes to hear from his readers. It is possible to email him at

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Mike Faricy

The Dirty Lowdown known as Mike Faricy America's newest new mystery writer. Robert Carraher known him like Minnesota's Master of the Bizarre. Crime Scene known him as another Carl Hiaasen. Crime Capers said; "Open at your risk, and you won't set him down." Under Cover composed; "This guy is nuts and one hell of a good deal of fun." The Irish Gazette referred to "The laugh a minute narrative lines of Faricy's deliciously engaging worlds."
His Dev Haskell series novels are stand alone, they may be read in almost any sequence. His Corridor Man string is written under the pseudonym Mick James and must be read in order. Faricy's books are full of the kind of oddballs we're all curious about, but sensibly prefer to keep at a distance. His characters function as much for instance as they do a warning to us all. Not one of them will be rescuing the world from terrorism, global banking conspiracies or even coups to carry over the government. Instead, Faricy's characters inhabit a world just below the surface of polite society. The circumstances they find themselves in are usually because of their own bad decisions, but then bad decisions make for intriguing stories.
Reminiscent of the late Robert B. Parker, Faricy's tightly woven Dev Haskell string is composed with a beautiful sense of humor and a few love. Entertainment is the name of the game as back slapping, corner cutting, babe magnet Dev Haskell contrasts with such quirky characters like ice cream mogul Mr. Swirlee, '' The D'Angelo brothers, neighborhood crime lord Tubby Gustafson, 'Fat Freddie' Zimmerman, former NFL tight end Luscious Dixon, exotic dancer Swindle Lawless, and stunning Heidi Bauer. The Dev Haskell novels are available in any sequence.
Faricy's introduction stand alone novel was Slow, Slow, Quick, Quick. He's also composed five extra stand alone names; Baby Grand, '' Chow for Now, End of the Line, '' Finders Keepers and Merlot.
Faricy also composed the popular novella Irish Dukes under t

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Renee Pawlish

***For a limited time, you may buy Reel Estate Rip-off, the next book in the Reed Ferguson mystery collection, for free - click here to find out more > (just copy and paste to a browser)***

Renée Pawlish is your award-winning writer of the bestselling Reed Ferguson mystery collection, the most Dewey Webb puzzle collection, terror bestseller Nephilim Genesis of Evil, The Noah Winters YA Adventure collection, middle-grade historical novel This War We're In, Take Five, a brief story series, and The Sallie House: Exposing the Beast Inside, a nonfiction account of some haunted house investigation.

Renée has been called "a promising new voice to the comic murder mystery genre" and "a powerful storyteller". Nephilim Genesis of Evil has been compared to Stephen King and Frank Peretti.

Renée has been created in California, but has lived all her life from Colorado.

To learn more you're able to trace her on her site:

on her website:

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on Facebook:

or Goodreads:

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Rayven T. Hill

Rayven T. Hill was born in 1954 in Markham, Ontario.

He's had a variety of jobs and professions since then, spending the last two years as a computer programmer and web site designer.

His first novel, written in 1960, had been an instant hit with his mother and one sibling. Then he set his career as a novelist aside for half of a century to focus on making a living, but has now ventured back into the world of composing.

His first actual novel, the first of the Jake & Annie Lincoln Crime Thrillers, Blood and Justice, was written and published as an eBook at June 2013.

He lives with his wife from Toronto.

Visit to find out more. Join his mailing list for updates and information on new releases.

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John Hemmings

John Hemmings is a attorney and writer of crime fiction with a one hundred per cent list: None of his customers has been implemented – yet! A number of his tales are suggested by cases he has been involved with, but names have been altered to protect the innocent – and at times the guilty!

Each of his novels includes Boston private investigator Mark Kane, or simply Kane because he is known to the majority of people, and his longtime companion, Lucy – a slightly oddball couple using a somewhat unconventional connection.

It is possible to find out more about John & his own novels at

"I write for enjoyment – the type of novels that I hope have broad appeal from the mystery/detective genre; the sort of books that I like to read myself – as a family person I write for many ages: the sex private (even personal eyes like a little privacy!) , the language tempered. Take a look at these pictures in the thirties and forties: Edward G Robinson, Cagney, Bogart. The shortage of powerful language didn't take away anything from the atmosphere of menace those men exuded. Naturally, they wouldn't have talked like this in actual life; but then a movie or a book is not 'real life'.

"I've attempted to make the tales as realistic as you can, although these publications are intended as entertainments, therefore a bit 'poetic license' as well as the temptations of a 'willing suspension of disbelief' is occasionally required. As for 'character development', this is a string told in real time; therefore while each publication is a standalone story, since the show unfolds more is slowly revealed concerning my protagonist and his sidekick. Clients sometimes ask me what Kane & Lucy seem like; however as for their physical look nicely, that is the beauty of publications more pictures – they all seem exactly like every reader sees they look."

For more information, please email:

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Michael Monhollon


I'm Michael Monhollon, the author of eight legal thrillers, seven of those comprising the fearless Robin Starling. What I like about Robin are her athleticism and her refusal to take personally the "slings and arrows of outrageous fortune." In the court she's pure gladiator. The publications in the Robin Starling series of legal thrillers, in sequence, are Trial by Ambush, Juggling Proof, Dog Law, Laughing Heirs, '' Devil from the Dock, Gone Ballistic, and Sexual Misconduct.

I have always wished to be a writer, and murder mysteries, suspense novels, and court dramas were my first love. For me it's been a growth process, though. At the fifth level, when I and everyone I knew were studying the Hardy Boys mysteries, Mrs. Hortenstein assigned an article on what we wanted to become when we grew up. My article about wanting to become a mystery author got a D, at least in a part (I tell myself) as it was just too short. In high school I began to read more science fiction than puzzle books, and that I ceased out a semester in school to write science fiction short stories and collect rejection slips. My father insisted I needed a career to fall back on, and so I finished college and went into law school, but lawful careers have an unfortunate method of crowding out time to compose.

I had been trained as a lawyer (University of Virginia Class of 1984) and have worked as a lawyer in Amarillo and Dallas, Texas, also in Richmond, Virginia. I chose to compose when I really, and Penguin USA released my first book, Criminal Intent, in 1992, styling it as "the most shocking thriller since The Firm." It was not the bestselling legal thriller since The Firm (unfortunately), but with a book to my charge, I had been hooked on writing. Partly in quest of composing time, I jumped into academia where today, in addition to some administrative duties, I teach various classes in law and economics. I bring home the minimum daily requirement of incom

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