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Samuel Geddam

Sammuel T Geddam, '' conduit of those spirits and creator of Cosmic Manifestations was born in a small town 100 kilometers east of the city of Surat the gemstone heart of the world.
Since early youth, he spent considerable amounts of time in character. He appreciated climbing trees and observing the world from there and loved watching the stars at night.

At age 10 he started a poultry farm of organic state birds and spent a great deal of time studying their behaviour and carried out experiments to better their wellbeing. He also brought home hurt birds and handled them back to health. He appreciated gathering honey and adored the wilderness such as observing snakes and other wildlife. In the age of 16 he started publishing poems in college magazines on nature and relationships.

Since his early teen years, he started practising martial arts in the presence of the stars and was quite intrigued by Physics and astronomy and read as many books as he could lay his hands on.

After working in a variety of roles in various businesses and also obtaining a business degree in this moment, in 2011, Sammuel T Geddam started getting visits from spirits and has been introduced into the world of souls. He then took a rest from his profession and spent his time and comprehending the soul world. In 2013, the spirits guided him to study Vedic astrology and expertise firsthand the effect of planetary energies on life on Earth and affirm the writings of the early astrologers through increased Awareness.

Now, Sammuel T Geddam is a spiritual healer, vedic astrologer specialising in healing astrology, palmist and can be a master in Reiki, Seichem, along with Golden Dragon and is also Ashati instructor and Grand Master. He's published books on Amazon Kindle as directed by the spirits and also posts messages in the spirits of planet Jupiter on his FB page Cosmic Manifestations. He also provides advice to companies coping with healin

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Graeme Lanham

Graeme Lanham is a prolific author and has 3 composing pursuits he likes to discuss:

1. Education.
Graeme has been a teacher and principal and shares his valuable insights in two persuasive manuals. The first is associated with teacher stress and how teachers can guard their health in the classroom and school. His latest manual is for parents of children aged from birth and provides plans based on comprehensive research about the best way best to prepare their kids for college and life. He's a parent and grandparent.

2. Travel
He has a love for his homeland of Australia,is a registered tour guide and travels extensively round his homeland. He loves to share his discoveries with his viewers to help them with their planning for their inner journeys. In addition, he shares his travel experiences in New Zealand along with Croatia/Slovenia.

Travel guides.
The initial gives a sample of the best of Australia for all those whose time is limited. It covers the major cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Perth and attractions people adore, including its shores,creatures and terrific Barrier Reef.
The moment is dedicated to backpackers and singles and addresses the attractions people in this category adore, including a number of those most spine tingling experiences on Earth. There's also an extensive section on locating jobs with a working holiday visa.
Following interviews with many travellers, he's added other guides based on travelers' wants. All these are around the Australian Outback, finest and most popular beaches, best experiences and the unique Aussie language.A further direct on Australian weather helps solve lots of the issues travellers have when intending to go to this huge country.

To his journey guides Australia, Graeme has added two new guides on Croatia and Slovenia as well as his newest, "Discover the Best of New Zealand."

3. Health.

Graeme has a passion for health.
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