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Shauna C Blaak

Shauna Blaak is teacher and a author who has spent the last decade living and working in South Africa. She is happily married to her college sweetheart, Erwin, and they have four kids. She knows better than all of the struggles that come with being the ‘SuperMom of the International Family’ and has an abundance of wisdom to talk with other moms who are possibly asking themselves, “Who the hell am I today? ”
Shauna blogs regularly about motherhood and identity over at and will be passionate about seeing girls reach their fate. Her life message is this: "You ARE a Proverbs 31 Woman, and you were not supposed to walk alone!"

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Renee Swope

Hi there. #x 2019, I &;m happy you’re here! My name is Renee Swope, also I’m people-connector, heart-encourager, story-teller, a Word-lover and grace-needer. I could also be a bit of a mess and have been proven to take my puppies medication (inadvertently) and call the fire department more than once.

My favorite place to be is together with my people, hiking in the mountains or seeing them build sandcastles while I read a fantastic book on the shore. I’ve been married into the most patient person in the world, for twenty-three years and I’m the mama of three: Joshua (21), Andrew (19), and our sweet princess, Aster (8), who's loved ones adopted from Ethiopia in 2009, in age 10 weeks.

My passion is to help women find the power of the stories, the uniqueness of their gifts, the attractiveness of their encounters and the miracle of their passions God put in them by equipping them with courage and confidence to make a difference right where they are, with what they already have!

I’t had the incredible honor of doing that for over twenty two years in ministry leadership jobs through the local church and throughout Proverbs 31 Ministries from 1995-2016 within an executive director and radio co-host of Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee that beamed on over 1100 stations around the world.

Back in 2011, my first publication, A Confident Heart, published the exact same month my dad passed away and our daughter had been diagnosed with significant special needs. My life changed like I learned to do less and trust Jesus more & #x 2013; together with the dreams and duties #x 2019 ;d awarded me & He. As I watched God do what He can do: immeasurably more than I might think about or imagine, my ministry grew during this year than any other!

I saw Him fulfill an outbreak need from the hearts of women who fight with self-doubt and bitterness through my story of brokenness and the power of His grace and truth, while at the same time turning

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Jennifer Carter

Jennifer enjoys composing and sharing these truths and insights that she finds in her walk with God.

Her heart is to empower and encourage women to adopt the joy and liberty that is discovered through Christ.

She brings to life the real lives of people in the Bible - their battles and triumphs, making millions of stories come alive.

'Experience Easter' is a Easter Devotional dependent on the events leading up to the crucifixion, is a journey of heart and mind to understand deeper this unique event ever.

Proverbs 31 Unwrapped is based on her own trip to find out everything the Bible has to say about being a girl. Proverbs 31 Unwrapped helps debunk myths surrounding exactly what the Bible has to say about Christian women at Proverbs 31, in addition to sharing the 1 THING that the Bible says will change our life.

Her novels are available in Kindle, Paperback and Audiobook format.

Jennifer (1960-) was born in Southampton, England.
She resides near the cathedral city of Salisbury in rural Wiltshire in the United Kingdom. She has three grown up kids, two (almost three) grandma and a somewhat crazy dog.

You may find her at

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