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David G. Myers

David G. Myers, Psychology of Psychology at Michigan's Hope College, is the author of seventeen novels, and of course articles within 3 dozen academic periodicals, from Science to the American Psychologist, and in four dozen publications, by Scientific American to the Christian Century. To learn more and free resources visit

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James W. Kalat

Dr. James W. Kalat Obtained his B.A. degree from Duke University, Summa Cum Laude, and continued his Schooling at the University of Pennsylvania, receiving his Ph.D. in psychology under the supervision of Paul Rozin.

Currently, Dr. Kalat is currently at North Carolina State University where he is a professor of psychology, teaching introductory psychology and biological psychology. Besides having authored the best-selling classical psychology text, '' Dr. Kalat is the author of INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGY, 8th Edition (Wadsworth, 2008) and has published articles on an assortment of diverse subjects like taste aversion learning and about the teaching of introductory psychology. Together with Michelle Shiota, Kalat is co-author of all EMOTION (Wadsworth, 2007). A talented and frequently asked speaker, Kalat receives rave reviews wherever he gifts, such as the National Institute on the Teaching of Psychology and the Texas Community College Teachers Association.

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