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Don Pendleton

Don Pendleton (1927-1995) was born in Little Rock, Arkansas. In the age of two, through World War II, he enlisted in the Navy, serving before 1947 as a Radioman. He returned to active Naval duty during the Korean Conflict. After the war he worked as a railroad telegrapher, CAA/FAA air traffic management specialist, and aerospace engineer. At the latter profession, he was employed as a senior scientist for Martin-Marietta's Titan ICBM applications and as a technology secretary in NASA's Apollo Moonshot program. He also published his first short story in 1957 and his very first novel in 1961. Leaving his aerospace career supporting, Don turned to full time writing in 1967, made a number of mystery, science fiction and futuristic novels, a screenplay, and several poems, short poems and stories.

Back in 1969, War Against the Mafia, including Mack Bolan, the Executioner, was printed. The incredible success of the first novel led to thirty-seven sequels during the next twelve decades. Dozens of imitators, motivated by Pendleton's success, arose throughout the 1970's to constitute a new especially American literary genre and the expression Action/Adventure chased by Pendleton himself, has long since spread to encompass television and motion image formats as well. The initial bestselling Executioner books are translated in over thirty languages with in-print amounts of more than 200 million copies globally. Pendleton franchised "Don Pendleton's Mack Bolan" into Harlequin's Gold Eagle Books in 1980, and more than 900 books based on the Executioner and spin-offs--Phoenix Force, Able Team, Stony Man, Mack Bolan, Super Bolan, are published under their ongoing program.

Hollywood screenwriter/producer, Shane Salerno, of Story Factory has got the Executioner: Makc Bolan show under film option.

Back in December, 2014, Open Road Media published 37 ebooks of their first Don Pendleton's The Executi

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Creston Mapes

Creston Mapes is the author of the #1 Amazon bestselling Christian fiction mystery, Nobody, in addition to the bestselling Christian comic thrillers Sky Zone, Poison City, Fear Has a Name, Dark Star and Full Tilt. His early years as a reporter inspire many of his novels.

A journalist, writer, and editor, Creston works from his home-office at Atlanta for some of the country's top media companies, Christian ministries, and nationally-recognized corporations, such as Chick-fil-A, Coke, ABC-TV, and The Weather Channel. Along with the novels and freelance composing of Creston, seven non traditional names have been ghostwritten and edited by him.

Creston is wed to his hometown love, Patty. They have a family, together with many pets, four children, along with a number of automobiles.

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Otto Penzler

Otto Penzler is the owner of The Mysterious Bookshop ( in nyc and is regarded as the world's leading authority on crime, mystery and suspense fiction. He founded The Mysterious Press in 1975, which he afterwards sold to Warner Books (1989). He reacquired the imprint in 2010 and it now publishes original books as an imprint in Grove/Atlantic, and also both original works and classic crime fiction throughout (, in partnership with Open Road Integrated Media.

Penzler is a prolific editor, and has won two Edgar Awards, for example of Mystery and Detection in 1977 along with also The Lineup in 2010. The Mystery Writers of America awarded him the Ellery Queen Award in 1994 and the Raven--the team's greatest award--at 2003.

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