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ACME AtronOmatic LLC MyRadar Weather product image


Bushnell 101911 Velocity Speed Gun product image


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Cobra delivers an entire line of products that cover all your driving, outside and boating needs that help ensure you enjoy your travels while keeping your security in mind. Whether you are driving to work, driving on the street or planning an adventure on land or sea, we strive to design quality products which provide help in any situation.

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1.   Tech and performance pioneer.

2.   Winner of more detector awards and tests than most competitors combined!

3.   65 percent of detection protection patents belong to Escort.    

4.   More than 35 decades of designing and engineering radar detectors.

5.   We are going to buy your previous detector! Exclusive trade in application to your old detector to the purchase of a new one.

6.   VIP program offering immediate access to discounted offers.

7.   Only sensors to comprise AutoLearn technologies -- removes false alarms that plague all of detectors.    

8.   The award-winning 'social media for the road' Escort Live! App allows you to see what everybody else in the Escort community sees.

9.   Defender Database technology alerts you ahead of red light and speed camera locations.    

10.   World's sole all-digital sensors with true Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to awake into real dangers faster and more accurately.

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Pocket Radar

The capability to evaluate skill level with immediate and impartial feedback requires a high grade performance training instrument. That's why Pocket Radar, Inc. made the new pro-level Ball Coach radar. It is a pace training instrument for player development through one-on-one coaching or self-guided drills and hands-free functioning keeps it easy. By making crucial results like hitting electricity, pitching rates, throwing speeds, serving rates and shooter rates immediately observable, the Ball Coach is the easy way to make better quicker. Strong features include hands-free Constant-On Mode (set all your focus on coaching and training, not the radar gun), simple automatic triggering (simply hold down button and release once pace seems) and built in memory together with the previous 25 speeds (keep track and inspection training courses).

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