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Bruce Watson

Although nominated for an L.A. Times book prize in mathematics, "Lighting" is not just a science book. I consider this type of biography of mild, one that took me on a two-year journey through history. From the first light of invention to our own Age of Light, I tracked light's trajectory across three millennia and many disciplines -- philosophy, religion, architecture, art history, photography... The journey also took me to Stonehenge, to Gothic cathedrals, Rembrandt's studio, and into the green rolling hills of Ireland where the novel concludes with an awesome solstice sunrise. I fulfilled a cast of characters, each. And these characters, artists and dreamers and scientists alike, ultimately brought the physics of light, even appearing in the book's second half. Having finished my trip, I'll never look at the exact same way again. I doubt that you will.

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Eleanor Burns

Eleanor Burns introduced her very first Quilt in a Day book, cultivating a revolution that was quiltmaking. She presented her distinctive design, a blend of sewing and cutting applications, making new techniques. Her step by step instructions are simple to grasp, and allowing the potential for anyone to succeed at building a quilt. Eleanor Burns gave techniques which months that were compacted to a quilt in a day, every day, spreading her energetic enthusiasm. She's inspired thousands of want-to-be quilters with assurance and assurance. Absolutely, the door opened . The seeds which have grown now into methods that are used were sown by her efforts. Ever since when she self-published her first book Create a Quilt in a Day: Log Cabin Pattern, 1978, she's authored over books. Throughout the world these days, there are thousands of teachers teaching her quiltmaking methods. Her Quilt in a Day TV series began airing on PBS in 1990 and is still broadcast nationwide and overseas and her shows can be found on the net Internet on QNN and Quilters TV.

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