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Howard Murad

Howard Murad, MD, FAAD, is a trained pharmacist, Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA's Geffen School of Medicine, Creator of Murad Skincare Inc., President of The University for Inclusive Health along with a Doctor who specializes in both Inclusive Health and dermatology.

He has been known as a "Beauty Genius" from Elle magazine, a "Industry Visionary" by the International SPA Association, and continues to be inducted into Dermascope's "Academy of Legends." His study in The Science of Mobile WaterTM provides the planet's most comprehensive insights into aging and health and has shown the ability of cells to maintain water as the marker of young good health. His advocacy of the use of dietary supplements to promote skin wellness has earned him international recognition as the "Father of Internal Skincare." Dr. Murad is the accomplished author of four novels advocating sensible lifestyle choices as the path to feeling and looking as beautiful and healthy as possible.

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Dr. Sherri Jacobs

Nutrition turned into a passion of mine 20 decades ago when there was a dear family friend diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast feeding. As a friend, I started to study cook and then eat a great foods, macrobiotic diet. We attended retreats, cooking courses and seminars. I understood from the time I opened my first book about nourishment, The Macrobiotic Way my entire life could never be the same.

Fast forward a few years and I found myself fighting through some significant health issues. While I focused on my own health I needed to fall out of my research in Psychology and Health. Wow…it had been an entirely different perspective. I had been shuttled from doctor I watched specialist after specialist simply to listen to, “Your labs are all not normal. You are fine. Perhaps you want an Anti-depressant. ” I felt in a lineup like a variety. No one would listen and nobody seemed to need to find out why my health was failing. To this day I cringe when my patients come in with similar tales… “They say my labs are regular… I’damn alright. ”

Born and raised in Charleston SC, it took me weeks of study in natural health before I came across something known as a Naturopathic Doctor…. A doctor with medical care that focused on health, prevention, nutrition, and care. Having a core tenant of Naturopathic Medicine being “Locate the main cause of dis-ease”, I was curious, to put it somewhat. Although I had to travel to observe an ND (there weren’t any in South Carolina) I knew I had found a guiding light during my private wellness ordeal.

I returned to school and graduated with a BS in Psychology and Health but stayed a few years to receive my pre-med prerequisites. I led out to the Finest Naturopathic Medical School Bastyr University, in the Earth.

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