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Bluewave Lifestyle

Life is full of choices. They start out pretty simple: tricycle or large wheel, jeans or khakis? Over time, these choices grow with importance: purchase or rent, inventory options or IRA's?

Somewhere between these options comes your essential water needs.We drink water every day and we can't live without it. Yet, oftentimes, with the many different choices available to people, we don't think for even a second concerning the products we are using - especially with something so significant. Our bodies are our own house and we will need to do our part to look after it.

Bluewave started with one simple reason - to provide safe, quality, reusable bottles into our health conscious customers. We started with one easy item - the reusable Daily 8® bottle. Shortly after, we enlarged to other large size containers for storage requirements and the rest became history, as we continue to expand our product lines to fit all types of uses and lifestyles.   At Bluewave, we are all about creating quality reusable products that is suitable for your lifestyle, at exactly the identical time helping and sustaining our  environment. ​ ​

Established in 2003 in sunny California, Bluewave has since sold millions of reusable water fountains to customers worldwide.  

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