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Jacob Graham

Hello Everybody, I'm Jacob Graham.

I'm an entrepreneur, internet marketer, published writer and investment enthusiast. I am a firm believer of living life to its fullest and taking advantage of every moment we experience within our life.

** About Me **
I grew up in a small town in northern Michigan, tinkering with approximately fifty individuals. Then I dabbled around with school courses, before realizing that it wasn't for me. Instead, I chose to dedicate my time for writing ebooks and locating various methods of making passive income to enhance my portfolio. The faculty education was an opportunity price I had been willing to shoot and that I could not be more happy with my choice!

Growing up, I was always hoping to discover new methods to improve myself and step out of my comfort zone, but it always felt like I had been running around in circles. Until one day I realized I had been trying for success without really putting fourth any attempt toward producing something or setting specific goals for myself.

I carried a sheet of paper and began writing down targets and then prioritized them from short term to long-term. It then dawned on me that the key to success is to set a definite target for your self and pursue it! It may seem so straightforward, but it's typically the simple things in life that are often overlooked. The only barrier that has been getting in my way was that the ability to remain focused on a single target at a time until it was accomplished. From that minute on, I have not been more focused nor motivated to supply other people with precious content.

That leads me to where I am today. I now have published numerous ebooks and content with an undesirable passion for assisting others. I'm blessed to be where I am now.

If you would like to learn more about me, then please feel free to follow me
Facebook at:

Thank You and Take Care!

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Daniel Ross

Daniel Ross is a writer, enthusiastic about technology and writing. His love for all these topics stems right back to his own childhood, and he's pursued an instructional and career in these areas. Throughout his books, the author would like to share. One of his excellent novels is “Rubik’s cube finest calculations” in which he describes how he analyzed hundreds of hours at college for constructing a robot that knows how to solve a Rubik’s block. He lives in Indiana, USA.

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Dustin Yarc

Dustin Yarc is an ambitious Canadian writer who writes passionately about his hobbies and regions of expertise such as personal growth, spirituality, speedcubingand video games, music, gardening, and cryptocurrencies. He self-published his first title at the age of eighteen.

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Scott Harris

Hey, I'm Scott.

I like to learn and that I really like to teach. I combined these passions and began to write ebooks. I write about the things which make me happy with all all the expectation that others who enjoy the elements of life may advance their interests. I can't wait to show you what I have learned. All the best, Scott J. Harris.

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