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Bonnie K. Hunter

Daughter! Bonnie K Hunter is the mind, heart and hands behind Bonnie is the author of Adventures with Enders & Leaders & Shirttails, Shirttails & Scraps II, String Fling, Scraps, along with her recently released MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders, all published by Kansas City Star. She writes the Addicted to Scraps column. Grab up with Bonnie's daily blog in

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Kathy Brown

Writer of "Educate Your Brain," Kathy Brown, M.Ed., has been a certified Brain Gym® Instructor/Consultant as 1998, and wishes she'd had the instruments of this innovative system during her 23 years as a classroom K-6 instructor.
Too often, Kathy could see students trying hard to learn, though she could even see that they have been obviously smart--only stuck. Through her journey with Brain Gym she has come not just to comprehend where many learning challenges come out, she's learned techniques that help to resolve those challenges.
She now shares her enthusiasm for Brain Gym along with other people through classes, workshops, school consulting, convention presentations, and private sessions. Her novel, "Educate Your Brain," was a finalist (Silver Award) from the 2013 Benjamin Franklin Publishing awards, sponsored by the Independent Book Publishers Association.
Kathy is a prolific writer of articles about the Brain Gym Procedure. She educates the Brain Gym® 101 course, Optimal Brain Organization, Educate Your Brain assignments, and Visioncircles. She's also the founder of Complete Team Effectiveness(™-RRB- trainings for company groups.
She resides with her husband, Laird, and two cats at Phoenix, Arizona.
Know more about Kathy's work together with Brain Fitness in

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Karla Alexander

Quilt designer and author, Karla Alexander resides in beautiful Salem OR, together with her youngest son William, Husband Don and household puppy, Lucy the nearly lab. Her two sons, Shane & Kellyattend college. Karla Alexander is the author of Stack the Deck! Crazy Quilts in 4 Easy Steps! , Stack a New Deck! , New Cuts for New Quilts! And her latest publication Color Shuffle for release in October of 2009.

Karla was a featured artist on Simply Quilts with Alex Anderson in July of 2002. A featured quilter from the Fons and Porter magazine, Oct. 2007, also a contributor into the 2008 quilt calendar by Martingale & Co. as well as the book Religious Quilting,Volume II and also Skinny Quilts II. Martingale & Co published all novels.

Along with her books, she has introduced her own line of designs under the title Saginaw Street Quilt business. She has been a teacher at quilt retreats and has taught thousands of students how to quilt employing many different methods including her own methods. She's made hundreds of quilts with hundreds more waiting to be made!

Karla's doctrine concerning quilting is to take pleasure in the process, find out from the expertise and choose what you understand from 1 project on to another. As a teacher motivates her students to discover and create their own personal style in their quilt making travels. With all the various things to be concerned about, she thinks quilting isn't among them, but rather a time to experience the most "creative flow" & enjoy!

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Eleanor Burns

Eleanor Burns introduced her very first Quilt in a Day book, cultivating a revolution that was quiltmaking. She presented her distinctive design, a blend of sewing and cutting applications, making new techniques. Her step by step instructions are simple to grasp, and allowing the potential for anyone to succeed at building a quilt. Eleanor Burns gave techniques which months that were compacted to a quilt in a day, every day, spreading her energetic enthusiasm. She's inspired thousands of want-to-be quilters with assurance and assurance. Absolutely, the door opened . The seeds which have grown now into methods that are used were sown by her efforts. Ever since when she self-published her first book Create a Quilt in a Day: Log Cabin Pattern, 1978, she's authored over books. Throughout the world these days, there are thousands of teachers teaching her quiltmaking methods. Her Quilt in a Day TV series began airing on PBS in 1990 and is still broadcast nationwide and overseas and her shows can be found on the net Internet on QNN and Quilters TV.

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