The Best Salmon Burgers - September 2022

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Top Choice Best Seller
Trident Seafoods Alaska Salmon Burger 50 of 3 2 Ounce Pieces 10 Pound 1 each product image


Best Value
Kitchen RMore Burger Press Pocket Grill Scraper 100 Patty Paper Recipe EBook Non Stick Aluminum product image


ThaiHonest Mixed 5 Assorted Dollhouse Miniature Lamb Salmon and Burger Set Tiny Food product image


Fresh Frozen Wild Alaskan Salmon Burger Meat by Northwest Wild Foods Sustainably Harvested 4 product image


Grilling Planks 4 Pack Cedar Premium 5 5 x 11 5 Western Cedar for Barbecue Salmon Seafood Steak product image


Cedar BBQ Company Premium Cedar Planks 10 Pack Set Extra Large 5 5 x 15 Western Red Cedar Add product image


Livia s Seasoning A Perfect Blend of Kosher Salt Black Pepper Garlic Delicious Spice Rub for product image


Safe Catch Wild Pink Salmon 5 oz Cans No Salt Added product image


Chicken Sea Premium Skinless Boneless product image


No Salt Added Redhead Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon product image

Top Salmon Burgers Brands


At 2012, Fishpeople's founders set out to alter our connection with the sea by making delicious seafood meals which are sustainably and locally sourced, while still being conveniently packaged so you may eat them anywhere... everywhere.

All our seafood sealed is landed in Pacific Northwest interfaces and blended in a pouch together with our farm fresh ingredients, and heated in a pressure cooker. This cooking method gives our entrees, bisques and chowders a "pan fresh taste" for as many as 18 months right on your pantry shelf, without any refrigeration required. Enjoy them once you need a fast dinner, handy lunch at the office (no odor!) , or even a camping or boating meal.

The Fishpeople Flavor Council, made up with ingredients you'd see in your own kitchen made our restaurant-quality recipes. We now use 100% natural ingredients and our monitoring system allows you to meet everybody who prepared your own meal. Meet the fishermen that captained the ship, the dairyman and their cattle, along with the vineyard owner who grew the Rings. Head to our website and enter the code on the back of the pouch to view their tales.

In Fishpeople, our objective is to provide a easy and tasty way to delight in protein - and Omega seafood to you. Try them all and discover your favorite!

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Wild Planet

Wild Planet is dedicated to supplying the best tasting sustainably caught fish when supporting the conservation of wild marine ecosystems.     Since 2004, we've been selecting only the best quality, 100% sustainably caught seafood for every one of our packaged products.   We source our wild tuna exclusively from rod and troll catch fisheries -- that the catch method rated Best Choice for Sustainability by the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch Program, in Addition to Greenpeace and Fishwise.    

Sustainability 101

To be considered sustainable, the creation of fish should satisfy these three standards:

  • The Biomass of fish is wholesome and not overfished;
  • The Habitat is not damaged by the fishing process;
  • The Catch Method is free of excessive by-catch of non-targeted species.

Not only are all Wild Earth goods fished according to these standards, each item is 100% return into th eceo-superior fisheries where they were caught.

Flavor & Nutrition

Each Wild Planet product provides exceptional flavor and abundant nutritional price.    

  • Wild Planet Albacore Tuna provides an average of 3,350mg Omega 3 day -- four to six times larger than traditional brands of tuna.
  • Wild Ground Sardines really are a true nutrient powerhouse, providing Omega 3, potassium, protein, iron, calcium along with CoQ10 in every tasty little fish.  
  • Boneless and skinless Wild Planet Salmon is canned refreshing to retain each of the nutrients and natural juices.   A tasty and versatile supply of Omega 3 and protein.  

From our great tasting tuna, salmon and sardines to our newest White Anchovies, we are positive   that you'll agree that nothing compares to the flavor and nutrition provided by Wild Planet.

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