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Radiant Saunas

Radiant Saunas are great for soothing, relaxing and improving overall wellness, right at the comfort of your own house. Our saunas use the hottest in infrared heating technology. The infrared waves penetrate the entire body, providing soothing relief for aches, pains and tension. Perspiration helps eliminate harmful toxins deep inside your pores, whereas raised blood circulation brings fresh nutrients to the surface. Spending just thirty minutes at a Radiant Sauna™ can also burn up to 600 calories. Buy now and begin enjoying the benefits of a Radiant Sauna™ today!

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Infrared saunas are becomming increasingly popular for their prized and unique advantages. Conventional saunas require an extremely high ambient temperatures to work. With a Dynamic infrared sauna that the heat is delivered using the built in infrared panels that makes it possible for the heat to penetrate more deeply. Fans of infrared saunas claim that the resulting sauna session advantages complexion, increases metabolic rates and enhances energy levels.

Dynamic saunas feature natural wood structure and energy efficient way infrared heating methods. Dynamic saunas can be assembled quickly and can be put nearly anywhere in your house - even on carpeted surfaces. Unlike other home saunas (who utilize ordinary pine) we use Canadian accredited reforested hemlock fir timber, prized for its strength, stability and durability.

Section of this Golden Designs family of saunas, Dynamic saunas are available in select retailers. Since 2007 Golden Designs has come to be the largest supplier of FAR infrared saunas in North America known for quality building, the use of high quality wood panels and framework materials, accurate temperature monitoring systems and extra thick glass.

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