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Saunders Recycled Cruiser Mate 21017 Clipboard product image


Clipboard Portfolio Aluminum Professionals Stationer product image


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Saunders Aluminum Redi Rite Storage Clipboard product image


Saunders Recycled Aluminum Portfolio Clipboard product image


Saunders CLIPBOARD 14 Inches Clipboard 21511 product image


Saunders Recycled Aluminum 12 Inches 10517 product image


AmazonBasics Aluminum Clipboard Letter Size product image


Saunders Recycled Aluminum Holder Holder product image


Blue Summit Supplies Clipboard Compartments product image


Saunders Redi RiteTM Clipboard 14 Inches 11019 product image

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Since 1947, Saunders is the leading International Producer of Best quality aluminum clipboards, storage clipboards and Types holders designed for Individuals on-the-go to stay organized and productive.     "The Clipboard People" additionally build the most comprehensive line of vinyl, acrylic and MDF materials in clipboards of all shapes, dimensions and performance.    

Saunders provides alternatives for workers participated in: shipping, support & repair, industrial, transport, emergency response, medical & technical, promotional advertisements    in Addition to students, educators and soccer moms.     Restoring silk display, custom imprint and OEM design and manufacturing abilities position Saunders as a comprehensive USA resource.

Social responsibility is in our DNA because we associate with affiliate agencies of National Industries for the Blind, Source America, Mississippi Industries for Developmentally Disabled, Tri-State Industries, Goodwill Industries and other such companies to provide meaningful employment to disadvantaged US employees.     Saunders adopts sustainable and environmental best practices in our raw materials, production processes and packaging materials. Recycled materials with higher post consumer waste content are used extensively as we always work to further decrease our overall carbon footprint.

Saunders delivers quality, functionality, value and pride within our brands and also in our service, 

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