The Best Sea Adventures - December 2020

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NEPTUNE ISLAND Fast Paced Adventure Thriller ebook product image


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Rising Fury McDermitt Caribbean Adventure ebook product image


Gone Bucket Harry Gilmour Novel ebook product image


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Odessa Sea Dirk Pitt Adventure ebook product image


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Titanic Secret Isaac Bell Adventure ebook product image


Abominable Snowman Journey Nabooti Adventure product image


Journey Under Choose Your Adventure product image


Next Distant Sea Continues Circumnavigation ebook product image


Lost at Sea Radley ebook product image


Books Kids Mermaid Adventures Childrens ebook product image

Top Sea Adventures Brands

Lindsey Scott

Having a love for creative story writing, best-selling author Lindsey Scott is dedicated to creating fun and exciting kids stories that evoke imagination and experience. Her colorful stories not only inspire children, but concentrate on teaching important life lessons that young women can certainly relate to and be motivated by.

Lindsey lives in Gulf Breeze, FL., a coastal city filled with sand, sun, beautiful sea water and friendly folks. Together with her husband and young daughter, Lindsey enjoys spending her days outside in the warm Florida sun. Much of her creative inspiration stems from her fun-loving, adventurous lady and their combined love for the sea.

As a children's author, Lindsey values each reader and strives to create stories that people wish to read time and time again.

"To be inspired to write is not sufficient; there needs to be a true interest in the individuals for whom you're searching for." - Lindsey Scott

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David Black

David Black is an author, place independent entrepreneur and electronic nomad living in Thailand. He's the producer of this popular YouTube Channel "Digital Nomad X" and in his very first publication, The 21st Century Emperor, he shares the inspirational story of how he made the corporate world in London and started on the road to securing real financial and place independence.

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