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Top Self Help Hoarding Brands

Saira Priest

Saira Priest is the founder of the following novels:
"If We Were ..." A book to talk about a child you love.
"Search Joy, Find Beauty, Share Love" that is filled with pictures of the beautiful all-natural universe and meditative reflections.
In "Length of Hoarding - 108 offers for determining what we have," Saira expects to assist you to find your calling by clearing the clutter.
Saira also has contributed chapters to several other publications in collaboration with other writers.

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Sallie Felton

No grass grows beneath Sallie Felton's feet. Wearing many hats like a Professional Life Coach (PCC), International Chat Radio sponsor, facilitator, motivational speaker and author of 3 books. Her Most Recent novel, "If I Am So Smart, Why Can't I Eliminate The Clutter?" Has received high marks from individuals wanting to declutter their thoughts, bodily surroundings and/or psychological baggage. Her distinctive approach, which is equal parts honesty, playfulness and genuine compassion, is what's brought in Sallie accolades from clients, coworkers and her two radio shows, "A Fresh Start using Sallie Felton" (empowerment and positivity) and "Light at The End of The Tunnel" (service for people with or dealing with a loved one suffering with depression), guests equally. As she says, "in order to proceed you have to start where you stand."

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Craig Donovan

CraigDonovan Publishing was established in 2014.

Main areas of expertise include:

- Health Improvement
- Addictions
- Life Improvement

The novels are generally brief and to-the-point, made for busy people wanting to better their own life and their home.

Most publications can be read in less than one hour, perfect for dinner breaks or hectic schedules. Getting more information about a particular topic doesn't have to take time!

Our publications are continuously enhanced and expanded as a way to satisfy your wants.

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