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Anita Nipane

Novels where advertisements and style meet.

Anita Nipane has more than 10 decades of expertise in marketing, and it has graduated MBA Marketing in Riga Business School. She is an Udemy teacher and has more than 3700 students from 120 nations. In her free time, she blogs at where she shares practical and useful information regarding creating well-designed visuals for promotion. She is not a professional designer but has a lengthy experience as an advertising manager and her regular job entails evaluating the results of professional graphic designers and making certain that the layouts they've created will work nicely for marketing purposes. And yes she graduated art school where she discovered most of the design fundamentals that she teaches in this publication. She is the person that unifies graphic designing and advertising. And she loves horses. :)

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Richard McCartney

Richard McCartney is, some might say, a guy who's always in the middle of something. He's in the center of life, using a middle age spread to show to it, and at in the center of a small business venture or in the center of helping different writers he's dreamed up.

He resides in The Netherlands with his wife and 3 brothers, and his sole male companion is his own Jack Russell who he sits in front of the TV screen to keep his company while watching football (because nobody else in the home is curious).

Beyond that he will not be drawn. Who reads those biographies, anyhow? Readers just wish to get on with studying the novel, and not wade through pages about a writer seeking to convince other people that he is highly skilled, or trendy and sophisticated at something.

Nevertheless in the event that you really must know, he's the creator of KindleBookReview and KindleBookPromotions, sites that are targeted toward helping writers market their books. He's also author of books such as The Unofficial Authors Guide To Buying And Selling Your Book and Self-Publishing: The Secret Guide To Becoming A Best Seller.

In his hunt for a quiet life, he prevented all the really interesting jobs many writers add to produce their biographies seem intriguing. And yes, it is accurate, Jack Russells don't like watching soccer possibly - so that he chooses him high-cliff diving. He loves it!

You may contact him through the website:

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