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Top Shave Oil Mens Brands

Tree Hut

Tree Hut started from humble beginnings in Farmers Branch, Texas.     We created our first body butter  using a simple   goal:  make an awesome product that really does exactly what it states.     To follow this up, we made sure that   every product was amazing by asking our customers what they thought   before we ever sold it.     As it happens, our customers understand best, allowing us to make incredible products for more than 10 decades.

And because our loyal customers have helped us grow, we place even more attention on making fantastic products for the own body.     We're still a little company,  therefore we be certain that you and discovering your natural beauty stems first.

The Tree Hut manufacturer sets itself apart by infusing Accredited Organic Shea, the most effective natural moisturizer, into every product. Each Tree Hut product promotes the vital measures within a pampering daily body maintenance regimen of cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing.

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Pacific Shaving Company

For many years, I was a corporate marketing executive. Working for large, public companies, shaving has been the normal routine/chore it was for many guys each morning before work. And it had been falling short for me. My razor blade had gained from billions of dollars in product innovation but my shaving cream hadn't been updated on the way. It was still a large rust-ring departing can of shaving lotion v1.0. Think of it like spending money on a brand-new smartphone, but then not downloading the apps which make it really zing. Fantastic phone, but not firing on all cylinders. Wonderful razor blade, but you're still putting toxic, irritating ingredients on your skin every day.  

It dawned on me that I was not searching for a close shave but instead, I was searching for a *comfy* shave.  

Inspired, I used my free time -- early morning, lunch hour, post (three-kids!'). Bedtime stories -- to create a lineup of innovative shaving products which will be moisturizing without being greasy; form to sensitive skin but with enough muscle to conquer the heaviest beard: products you would really look forward to utilizing each day.    

Never could I leave the toilet in a cloud of "morning rain" or "Irish areas" and no more would I face a bulky, ring-of-rust leaving aluminum can of shaving lotion or struggle with the waste it generated. I could throw the small but powerful goods (TSA-approved) at a carry-on or slip them in a gym bag.  

Give our products a try and find out what the fuss is all about!

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Combining science, engineering, and design, the Shaveology line was developed to deliver an excellent shaving experience each and every person can use.

The Closed Comb Double Edge Safety Razors are engineered to offer a close comfortable shave, although the Shaveology skin care line is the very first of its kind, featuring clinically researched anti-aging and anti-wrinkle formulations developed to hydrate and revitalize all skin types. We're a family owned company and really begin our day shaving using the exact products we offer our clients.

That's why we stand behind them with our guarantee warranty. We know we wouldn't be anywhere without you, our valued customers.Our guarantee for you goes beyond our goods.

We're here to share our insights, bond over modern grooming, and ultimately be your partner in attaining a style that is uniquely your own.

We hope you enjoy our brand and also enjoy the chance to earn your confidence and your company.

Adam and Kenny

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