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ScarAway's proven Advanced Silicone Technology was proven in numerous studies to decrease the appearance of scars, old and new. This innovative technology simulates the natural barrier function of healthy skin, hydrating scar tissues to soften the scar, shrinking, flattening, and evaporating it. Used after injury or surgery, our advanced technology helps treat and prevent abnormal scar formation. ScarAway helps alleviate the itching and discomfort associated with scars.

ScarAway currently comes with a Scar Repair Gel that contains Kelo-cote patented silocone technology,  which conveys the sole patened, translucent, self-drying, 100% silicone gel designed to imporove the appearance of scars preventing abnormal or excessive scar formation. Ultra thin ScarAway Silicone Sheets are made from patened latex-free substance that offers breathability, flexibility, washability, and adhesiveness. The soft, shiny fabric backing provides optimum relaxation and comfort, even under clothes that hides while you cure! ScarAway also offeres These products for your own scar demands:

  • Scar Off Scar Repair Gel with Patented Kelo-cote Technology
  • Scar Off Extended Sheets featuring Flexisil Technology
  • ScarAway Long Sheets
  • Scar Off Silicone Daily Discs
  • ScarAway C- Section Sheets
  • ScarAway Serum, together with massaging roller chunks

ScarAway is your #1 Proven Scar Therapy!

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The efficacy of saline -- in both sheet and liquid form -- is supported by over 30 research studies. Silicone is effective in preventing and preventing raised and discolored scars of almost any age, about pigmentation as well as all skin types. Presenting Neosil® medical grade silicone sealant and serums clinically demonstrated to reduce and fade scars surrounding skin and while hydrating the scar website. Medical grade silicone protects skin's ideal conditions, supporting
the scar website, providing sun protection, raising moisture levels and preserving oxygen transport.

Essential Benefits

  • Fades and flattens keloid and hypertrophic scars.
  • Reduces redness around the scar site.
  • Relieves itching and pain related to scarring.
  • Hydrates and restores elasticity to the scar and surrounding epidermis

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