The Best Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie - October 2019

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David Lubar

David Lubar has written over thirty novels for young readers and teens. His novels, including Hidden Talents and Sleeping Freshmen Never go, are online reading lists throughout the country, saving pupils. Dunk, his novel, won Pennsylvania's Young Adult Book Award and was utilized by the New Jersey Library Association for their One Book New Jersey program. More than two thousand copies have been sold by his Weenies story collections. He had several publications come out this season, including Hyde and Shriek, and Extremities: Stories of Death, Murder, and Revenge (He's really a much nicer person than these names would imply) He's a popular speaker at seminars and schools around the nation. He designed and programmed many video games including Frogger 2 and Home Alone. In his spare time, he takes naps on the sofa. He went to Rutgers, grew up in New Jersey, and resides with assorted annoying felines and one awesome female in Nazareth, PA. You can see him on the internet at

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