The Best Smart Bulbs Starter - August 2020

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Philips Equivalent Dimmable Compatible Assistant product image


Dimmable Connection Smartphone Intelligence Automation product image


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GE 60 Watt Equivalent 1 Pack Zigbee product image


Sengled Element Classic Programmable LED Home Lighting Starter Kit 2700K Smart Bulbs Amazon Alexa T Digital Life product image


Philips Ambiance Equivalent Compatible Assistant product image


Sengled Element Smart Lighting Starter product image


Hype Smart Lighting White Starter product image


Philips Ambiance Generation Starter Assistant product image


Philips Ambiance Equivalent Compatible Assistant product image


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Philips 464487 Ambiance Generation Android product image

Top Smart Bulbs Starter Brands


WeMo is a family of simple, ingenious products that make life easier, simpler, better. WeMo utilizes your Wi-Fi system and cellular internet to control your home electronic equipment directly from the smartphone. WeMo also functions with ifTTT, connecting your home electronics to an entire world of internet apps.

Even the WeMo collection of products are made to work together via the free WeMo App so that you control and track just as much or as little of your home as you like. You can easily add additional WeMo products including WeMo Change, WeMo Motion, WeMo Light Change, WeMo Insight Switch and WeMo LED Bulbs at any time to some room to control and track a number of devices or appliances. Schedule home automation triggers like obtaining a text or email when the front door opens, scheduling a space heater to turn on five minutes before you walk through the door -- that the combinations are endless.

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Tired of coming home to a dark house? Wish you did not need to reset those light timers each season? Fed up with not using a light switch where you want one?

Using caseta Wireless from Lutron, you can eliminate these everyday hassles and more, using a remote control, smartphone, or even your voice to get hands-free management.

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