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Mark Von Eriksson

Mark Von Eriksson is an Author, Professional Hypnotist, NLP Practitioner Master Influencer, Former Spy.

His novels are most notorious for revealing some of the most powerful and possibly dangerous approaches, strategies, and secrets in addition to the mindsets used by the likes of Donald Trump, Steve Jobs, Vladimir Putin to comprehend exactly what they want, where they want, whenever they desire.

In his functions, you may discover how others may become chess pieces to your grand ambitions...

You may discover the numerous defects which befalls the majority of people in society… the numerous flaws you can use to your advantage…

You will find how to turn into an energy influencer, a master of persuasion, and gain access to a greater mastery of reality...

A word of warning however, do not take what is to be unveiled to you inside these novels lightly... As a control of such power calls for good obligation...

We got that out of the way, go ahead... select a book/s and let's start...

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Erving Goffman

Erving Goffman was Benjamin Franklin Professor of Sociology and Anthropology in the University of Pennsylvania. He's recognized among the world's foremost theorists and much of his work still remains in printing. Among his classic novels are The Presentation of Self in Interaction Ritual Everyday Life; Stigma; Notes to the Management of Spoiled Identity; and Frame Analysis. William B. Helmreich is currently a professor of sociology at the CUNY Graduate Center and City College. He's written Against All Odds, The Enduring Community, Saving Children, and The Things They Say Behind Your accessible from Transaction.

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