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Jonathan Hollerman

Jonathan Hollerman is a former US Air Force S.E.R.E. Instructor and expert on both survival and prepping. He is now an Emergency Preparedness Consultant and that he has expertise ranging from numerous escape analysis projects, to designing multi-million dollar survival escape compounds that are entirely off-grid all the way up. Jonathan also offers strong preparedness consulting through telephone appointment and can be reached through his web site at
In the works: Jonathan Hollerman also includes a two-disc instructional DVD called "Survival Bugout" shot in coordination with The Survival Summit. He is now in talks with a major production studio for hosting a TV series in addition to working on the third and last installment of his wildly powerful EMP series due out in 2017.

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Jennifer O'Toole is the winner of the Autism Society of America's 2014 Outstanding Literary Work of the Year, also the 2012 Temple Grandin Award, a nominee for the upcoming CNN Heroes of 2015 Award, a receiver of GRASP's 2012 Distinguished Spectrumite Medal, 2012 AuKids Speaker of the Year, and a nominee for the 2012 Autism Society Book Award along with Godiva's Woman of the Year. TV actress/Activist Holly Robinson Peete even recorded Jennifer among her "Autism Parent Superstars." She's also a 2015 appointee to the Executive Board of the Autism Society of America, and listed on Wikipedia at

Most recently, she's been invited to talk to the President's Council on Fitness at the White House Summit on Americans with Disabilities, was the Guest of Honor of Their Royal Highnesses, the UK's Princess Sophie and Princess Marie of Denmark, also was added to the "Who is Who" listing of International Aspie Mentors -- along with Temple Grandin and Stephen Shore - to contribute to Dr. Tony Attwood's "Been There. Done That. Try This" anthology. Nonetheless, it's Jennifer's exceptional "have a cup of coffee with me" conversationalist presentation of helpful insights that has touched hearts, lightened spirits and led to the heritage of Asperkids, LLC, also a multi-media social education company.

O'Toole was identified as an Aspie

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J. D. Kraus

J.D. Kraus was born in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Since grade school, he knew he was different. He did not like noisy environments and had difficulty socializing with kids his age. This young man had been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome (AS). As opposed to feeling branded or cast out from society as a result of this analysis, he embraced it. Throughout his final year of high school he composed his first book "The Aspie Teen's Survival Guide," which details both his experiences with AS and the way he found ways to deal with the day-to-day struggles, and if it be experiencing a collapse in an unknown surroundings, taking examinations, or interacting with his coworkers. The publication
has gone on to win a literary award.

He has a second book titled "The Aspie College, Work, and Travel Survival Guide" which will be released later this year. As of this moment, he's graduated from college with two levels and functions in the articles marketing field. He freelances on the side for a writer, videographer and photographer. You may go to his website at

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