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Top Spanish Slang Brands

Daniel McKay

Daniel McKay is the Engineering Graduate who has spent more that a decade travelling, living and working overseas, throughout Europe, Asia, North and South America, and the Middle East.

He has a passion for studying, and more importantly a passion for education and supporting others.
Daniel can also be fluent in Spanish.

For more information please see

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Nicholas Crowder

Nicholas Crowder (b. 1956) was born to a military base in South Carolina and raised in the southwest desert of Arizona. His dad encouraged him to choose a banana boat down . He became enthralled with the idea of visiting exotic locations and took a position promoting parts from Latin America and the Middle East. He then moved to look for fortune and fame and gained neither. But notes were kept by him there and after returning with his first kid along with his Ecuadorian wife, he entered law enforcement because a Spanish speaking officer. He continued his studies of Ecuador and in 2002 wrote "Culture Shock! Ecuador", and two subsequent versions.

Mr. Crowder is also a specialist in the area of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and through the years, studied broadly safety and security problems for both travelers and expats. This curiosity has become the genesis of the website: which monitors security and protection around the world to improve consciousness of these matters for travelers and expats.

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Linton Robinson

Produced in Occupied Japan, Founded in Asia a 20 year resident of Latin America, Linton Robinson's standing as a born swimmer is represented in his novels.

Robinson worked as journalist for decades, winning awards along with putting articles in top American magazine and newspaper niches. This was followed by a career as a photographer with credits in markets. He proceeded with noted success, to mailorder catalogs, prior to switching to papers in Guatemala and Mexico.
His syndicated columns "Flesh Wounds" and "Weekend Warrior" were cult favorites in the nineties.

He is presently working on books and screenplays and doing videos.

Visit his personal site at

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J.G. Jimenez

Posiblemente los peores errores de nuestra vida, son los que no cometemos.
(Probably the worst mistakes we devote our own life; are people who we never perpetrate)

J.G. is a lover of life and languages. She's from a cold town in the United States however prefers to devote nearly all her time in warmer areas; speaking and teaching Spanish (and occasionally Portuguese).

She thinks that everyone should try something new and never be scared to fail. Learning a new language is not about being perfect but rather learning from the errors and continued to get better each day.

Jimenez has studied Spanish in Argentina, Spain and the Dominican Republic. She's a B.A. in International Relations and finished extensive Experts perform in Education. She's been an instructor for 10+ years.

Inside her free time she likes to learn new languages, swim, and listen to songs and sometimes dance.

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Jared Romey

Suffering a existence, Jared’s foray to Spanish shook up his life. He left the US & #x 2026; for 14 years, and then quit his job, stopped to school. Early stumblings in real-world Spanish educated him that a cola isn’t just a soft drink, "bicho" doesn’t always signify a bug, also "boludo" could be heartfelt or middle-finger felt. Twelve countries, two bestsellers three startups and a Puerto Rican spouse afterwards, ''’s still confounded by many phrases exist for “panties. ”

Somewhere along how he convinced a stunning Puerto Rican woman called Diana to join him. Their personal experiences emphasize confusions of every-day Spanish. With a gringo who picked up it as an adult and the perspectives of a native Spanish speaker, they constantly find controversial and entertaining lessons. The Discussing Latino novels and later this website are a consequence of Jared’s bumblings at Spanish, crossed communications with Diana, repeated bouts with culture shock, and confusions over the right words for popcorn, gasoline, pen, bus, underwear, traffic jam and drinking straw. Among the things that he to accept the reason he spent years in courses, and yet a huge portion of the words, while learning Spanish was he heard #x 2019 & didn;t do a little bit of good in the world. It still amazes him that based on where you're "chiringa," "barrilete," "papalote," "papagayo," "pandorga," "chichigua," "cometa" or "volantín" all imply the exact same thing (kite).

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