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Dessa Lux

Dessa Lux is really a librarian living in the Midwest who loves writing and reading romance and drinks way too much Diet Coke, because she doesn't have a cat but you may tell her.

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Mia Clark

Mia likes to have pleasure in all aspects of her life. Whether she is out enjoying the weather or spending time a smile is never far out of her face. She is prone to randomly laughing at nothing in particular except to get whatever idea amuses her .

Sometimes you only have to enjoy life, right?

She enjoys to read, dance, and research outside. Tea and bubble baths are two of the favorite things. Flowers are fine, and she could get lost in a garden if it is large enough and nobody's about to remind her that there are different matters.

She lives in New Hampshire, where the weather is beautiful and the autumn colours are amazing.

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Brittanee Farrow


Hey There,

I am Brittanee Farrow, author of ALL THINGS Romance, Lust, and Fireplace.
Thank you so much for checking out my novels and stories! Employed as a
independent writer can be rough, but having fans like you that enjoy
my writing makes it totally worth it!

Let me tell you a little about myself...

I am a southern girl at heart! :-RRB- Growing up in Charleston, South Carolina,
I began writing stories as soon as I knew how. It led me to a study of
English and Journalism at the College of Charleston. 5 decades later, I now
live in Nashville, Tennessee (any country music fans around!) With my
lovely song-writer boyfriend and we're working our butts off to earn
our writing dreams come true!

I really like writing intimate stories for ALL girls! These tales are my own life and
your service means everything to me!


Brittanee Farrow :-RRB-

Exclusive Insider's List:

P.S. Have a story idea? I would love to hear it!
Contact me at:

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