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Pro Server Internals Dmitri Korotkevitch product image


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SQL for Data Analytics Perform fast and efficient data analysis with the power of SQL product image


Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Internals Developer Reference product image


SQL Server Internals In Memory Oltp Inside the SQL Server 2016 Hekaton Engine product image


High Performance SQL Server The Go Faster Book product image


Expert SQL Server Transactions and Locking Concurrency Internals for SQL Server Practitioners product image


SQL The Ultimate Beginner s Guide to Learn SQL Programming and Database Management Step by Step product image


Learn T SQL Querying A guide to developing efficient and elegant T SQL code product image


Professional Server 2012 Internals Troubleshooting product image


SQL QuickStart Guide The Simplified Beginner s Guide to Managing Analyzing and Manipulating product image

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Martin Kleppmann

Martin Kleppmann is Currently a researcher in distributed systems and security at the University of Cambridge, and author of Designing Data-Intensive Applications (O'Reilly Media, 2017).

Formerly he had been entrepreneur and an applications engineer at Internet companies such as Rapportive and LinkedIn, at which he worked to information infrastructure. He is now working a project that intends to bring end-to-end encryption and decentralisation into a broad range of software on TRVE DATA.

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Dmitri Korotkevitch

Dmitri Korotkevitch is Microsoft SQL Server MVP along with Microsoft Accredited Master (SQL Server 2008) having years of experience working with SQL Server as a Software and Database Developer, Database Administrator, and Database Architect. He is specializing in design, development and performance direction of OLTP Systems working under the heavy load.

Dmitri regularly speaks at different Microsoft and SQL PASS events, and he provides SQL Server training to customers around the world. He sites in:, and that he can be reached at

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Donald K. Burleson

Donald K. Burleson is one of the world's most commonly printed Database experts with over 20 decades of full-time DBA experience.

He specializes in creating database architectures for very large online databases and he's worked with some of the world's most powerful and intricate systems.

A former Adjunct Professor Emeritus, Burleson has written 30 books, published over 100 articles in National Magazines, and serves as Editor-in-Chief of Rampant TechPress.

Don is a popular lecturer and educator and is a frequent speaker at Oracle Openworld and other international database conferences.

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