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SQL NoSQL Databases Models Languages Consistency Options and Architectures for Big Data Management product image


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SQL QuickStart Guide The Simplified Beginner s Guide to Managing Analyzing and Manipulating product image


NoSQL Distilled Emerging Polyglot Persistence product image


Python Data Persistence With SQL and NOSQL Databases product image


MySQL Connector Python Revealed SQL and NoSQL Data Storage Using MySQL for Python Programmers product image


Data Access Highly Scalable Solutions Persistence product image


Advanced Data Management For Sql Nosql Cloud And Distributed Databases de Gruyter Textbook product image


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Beginning Database Programming Using ASP NET Core 3 With MVC Razor Pages Web API jQuery Angular product image


Graph Data Modeling NoSQL SQL product image

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Martin Kleppmann

Martin Kleppmann is Currently a researcher in distributed systems and security at the University of Cambridge, and author of Designing Data-Intensive Applications (O'Reilly Media, 2017).

Formerly he had been entrepreneur and an applications engineer at Internet companies such as Rapportive and LinkedIn, at which he worked to information infrastructure. He is now working a project that intends to bring end-to-end encryption and decentralisation into a broad range of software on TRVE DATA.

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John Sharp

John Sharp acquired an honors degree in Computing from Imperial College, London. He writing coaching courses, manuals, and books for over 25 decades and has been developing applications. John has expertise in a wide Variety of technology, from database programs applications such as your .NET Framework development. He has authored a few books such as six variants of C# Step By Step, two variants of Windows Communication Foundation Step By Step, and the Core Reference.

John also writes for the Patterns and Practices team within Microsoft, also has helped to create many guides covering various areas, such as Windows Azure, applications development, and information access.

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Martin Fowler

For all of my career I've been considering the plan and architecture of software programs, especially those Applications that are broadly classed as Enterprise. I believe that software design that is poor leads to software that's tough to modify in response to needs, and encourages software that boosts the productivity of users.
I'm constantly attempting to learn what designs are effective, what approaches lead people into trouble, how we can organize our work to do better layouts, and how to communicate what I have learned to more folks. My publications and site are all ways by which I can talk about what I learn and I'm glad I've found a way to create a living doing so.

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Dan Sullivan

Dan Sullivan is an enterprise qrchitect specializing in statistics, analytics, data mining, information architecture, data modeling, Big Data , cloud computing, bioinformatics and computational intelligence. He work with Python, along with Spark, Oracle MongoDB, Redis, R, He has extensive writing experience in topics including Hadoop information, cloud computing and safety.

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