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Just CycleOps extends to you a total training program full of pro-quality coaches and virtual riding app.

Each CycleOps bike trainer is calibrated using PowerTap technologies for the many true-to-the-road sense possible.

You are almost  ready to go out of the box. To start, secure your bike and ensure perfect wheel strain with all the Clutch Knob.

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Even the FitDesk™ is a exceptional innovation that enables the consumer to exercise smoothly while working or surfing the web on their laptop. Even the FitDesk™ is unique in several ways:

  • The design pending design enables you break your elbows comfortably on a padded surface at the same time you twist. This permits you to support your body while in motion, also frees your hands for typing in your notebook or gambling in a manner that no other exercise bike can!
  • It is compact! Our bike is sturdy, yet folds up quickly and easily so that you can move it from the manner in your home or office. When you buy exercise equipment, you should not have to build another room on your property! The FitDesk folds in seconds.
  • Our top holds your notebook and accessories firmly and comfortably. The firm grip top structure holds your laptop in place as you exercise. In addition, we include things like worldwide straps for added safety!

A portable therapeutic desk enables comfortable standing or sitting usage with massage relief by assessing strain.

  • Massage rollers ease hands and forearms while being productive
  • Strengthen hands with therapeutic squeeze grip
  • Height adjustable desk for sitting or standing utilization
  • Convert your desk to a Healthful position desk

Unlike most other desk peddlers, the FitDesk Beneath Desk Elliptical employs a fluid forward and backward replicate motion, like the motion found in larger ellipticals.  

  • 8 inch height pedal rotation
  • Utilize unser desks as much as 25 inches
  • 8 position magnetic resistance balanced high velocity flywheel

FitDesk's commitment to being a leader in promoting exercise for improved health extends beyond selling products.   The FitStudent initiative, debuting for the 2013/2014 school year, will offer a classroom full of FitDesks to schools needing, to promote healthy living and studying in colleges.

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