The Best Steel Coffee Filter - February 2020

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Stainless LHS Paperless Reusable Non slip product image


PRANCE Coffee Filter 2nd Generation product image


Stainless Removable Reusable Paperless Eco Friendly product image


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Yitelle Stainless Dripper Scooping Cleaning product image


POUR OVER COFFEE FILTER Stainless product image


KLEIN Cold Brew Kit Concentrate product image


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Cafellissimo Paperless Coffee Stainless Reusable product image


YEOSEN Reusable Cone Coffee Filter product image


livment Reusable Coffee Filter Stainless product image


Reusable Stainless Non slip ECO Friendly Paperless product image

Top Steel Coffee Filter Brands

Fill N Save

Our goal is to supply high excellent coffee and tea products while helping clients reduce their footprint on the enviroment. You will notice a lot of choices available on Amazon. What you'll also see is the identical product with the identical layout over and over. At Fill N Save all our layouts are different for a reason: we care for java and our customers ! Our K Cups & Carafe are lab designed to allow MAXIMUM stream of water and ingestion of the coffee bean. We care about preference so that we design our very own K Cups rather than simply import them by precisely the same maker as everyone else and slap our name on them claiming to be different. We ARE different and it's not hard to see.

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This was 1908 as a German housewife, Melitta Bentz, created coffee history. Tired of this bitterness and annoying grounds in her Everyday beverage, Melitta poked holes in the bottom of a brass cup and strung it with a sheet of her son's blotting paper.     She then filled the cup with soil coffee and poured in hot water, therefore creating the pour-over filtration system.   The result was coffee that has been rich in taste but with no bitterness or jumble.   This innovation changed the way people worldwide make their coffee, becoming the precursor to modern day drip coffee brewing.

For more than a century, the Melitta brand proceeds to earn java history building on the founder's spirit of innovation, entrepreneurship and inventiveness.   Melitta stays family owned to this day and is internationally known as a pioneer in the art of brewing the perfect cup.   From our premium filters into our gourmet coffees to our broad range of pour-over brewers, Melitta is dedicated to giving the highest caliber in pursuit of the ultimate coffee experience.   It's the same pursuit that our founder had over 100 Years Back.     Melitta...The Flavor of Europe in Every Cup

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