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CranioCradle Craniocradle Home Therapy System product image


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ProSource Acupressure Pillow Relief Relaxation product image


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Top Still Point Inducer Brands

Massage Blocks

Care Blocks® are intended to be the ultimate total body activate stage system. As our resources are introduced to doctors, therapists, athletes and trainers, eyes are lighting up; these instruments just make sense.  

Each form is developed on a level rubberized base that grips surfaces allowing you to experience a more profound targeted trigger point release. This stationary base makes it possible for you to better isolate trigger issues, providing the deep manual discharge you would encounter from a therapist. You control the position and strain: set the tools from the wall for milder pressure or proceed to the floor to greatly boost the intensity.

Athletes therapists and coaches are demonstrating the unbelievable versatility of the tools. Though the recommended applications are amazingly successful, specialists in mobility and trigger point treatment are always showing us new ways they use the tools to enhance mobility and alleviate muscle strain.

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ProSource produces high performance, flexible products such as cross-training and resistance workouts, muscle treatment, and yoga/Pilates. We are still to inspire active, healthy lifestyles with goods that make fitness viable and enjoyable for everybody. We do this by continuously pursuing innovation as we find new ways to enhance the customer experience, and developing higher quality goods to meet our clients' evolving needs.  

Our gratitude for the ground and our neighborhood is extracted through charitable giving and utilizing recycled packaging materials and eco-conscious practices.

We all live the standards we market using a job culture of wellness, work/life equilibrium, and practicing fitness together. Fitness contributes to joy, which leads to passion for the products we create and the individuals using them.

We're proudly  based in the USA, with headquarters in Chatsworth, California.

Train like a professional, train with ProSource!

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