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Joel Karsten

I started gardening, and grew up to a crop and dairy farm in Southwestern Minnesota. She was really my first "professor" of horticulture, but that I rounded out my education with a BS in Horticulture from the University of Minnesota a few decades after. Caring and caring for livestock is a lot more than a full time job. My father always joked when I complained, "it is possible to take a vacation anytime you desire, provided that you are back in 3 hours!" I decided farming wouldn't function for me, so that I became an entrepreneur starting a business while I was a Junior in the University. I've owned lots of businesses through the years, but have consistently maintained my enthusiasm for gardening. I wish to assist you discover the best way ever to grow veggies, a procedure of gardening I've perfected over time, a method I call Straw Bale Gardening. If you've ever thought growing veggies was tough, time consuming, and difficult on your back and knees, I'll change your mind completely. My strategy eliminates bending, and weeding, making it much simpler. This procedure allows anyone, anywhere to grow a prosperous garden with a very modest investment whether or not you have soil in your yard whatsoever.

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Louise Riotte

Life-long gardener Louise Riotte and beloved Storey writer passed out in 1998 at the age of 89. She wrote 12 books on companion planting, gardening, and garden lore, one of. Her father taught her to believe in and practice astrology, while her mother was a practicing herbalist. Collectively they influenced Roses Love Garlic and her books, her own life, Astrological Gardening, Sleeping with a Sunflower, Catfish Ponds & Lily Pads, and her most recent book, Raising Animals by the Moon. Her line drawings are contained in all her novels. Before authoring publications, Riotte was a ghost writer for Simon & Schuster and also for Jerry Baker's radio gardening show, and she composed a range of articles for Organic Gardening too. Riotte took pride in her yard near her home in Ardmore, Oklahoma, which her son Eugene helped care for in her later years.

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