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Huma Gel

All new! For people who need electrolyte replenishment with their energy gel, attempt Huma PLUS. It has all of the calories, together with coconut oil and other sea salt that you want to make it through the exercise.

Don't like dyes which taste like cough syrup? Neither do we. Huma Gels are all-natural energy gels made from blended Chia seeds. They're intended to be a healthier alternative for getting you through exercise. The concept for Huma was born from the areas of Iraq. With leading assignments throughout Iraq, a US Army 1st Lieutenant was charged during the summer of 2009. He was studying a book about the Tarahumara, a tribe of Mexican Indians who frequently compete in epic 100+ mile races. They use a chia seed combination to fuel themselves on those ultra marathons. He figured if it worked in Mexico for themit would do the job in Iraq for him. It did. In reality, the substance was excellent at keeping him going, and that discovery eventually led to the production of Huma. Huma combines Tarahumara tradition sports nutrition study ingredients and amazing taste to bring one of the energy gel on the market. Enjoy your gel!

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Sparkling ICE

First established in the Pacific Northwest from the early 1990's, Sparkling Ice® makes a portfolio of Refreshingly Bold™ amazing waters, teas and lemonades. Bursting with real fruit flavor and just the perfect amount of fizz, Sparkling Ice provides over 20 irresistible fruit combinations, with the calories.

Sparkling Ice provides you that daring lift that satisfies the everyday desire for something new, something different, something more - more fun, more taste, more variety, more of everything you need and nothing you don't. Isn't that refreshing?

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