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Jim Eichenberger

Served as a school principal and having taught junior higher and high school, Jim Eichenberger has a passion for instruction. He holds a master's degree in educational administration from the University of Illinois at Springfield and an undergraduate degree in Christian education in Lincoln (Illinois) Christian University. As a Christian educator, Jim has been a contributor to Standard Publishing as the 1970s and continues to be utilized by Standard full-time since 1995. From the late 1990s, Jim began developing a chronological arrangement of the Bible's idea which would have broad appeal to Christians in all maturity levels. That concept has come to fruition in Standard Publishing's Discovering God's Story: Fully Illustrated Bible Handbook at Chronological Order, available in Christian bookstores and in


Jim has also authored the newest revision of the classic Bible teacher's certification program, Training for Service. Most recently, Jim led the group that developed a study Bible designed especially The normal Lesson Teachers' Study Bible.

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