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H. Richard Milner IV

H. Richard Milner IV (also known as Rich) is the Helen Faison Endowed Chair of Urban Education, Professor of Education, and Director of the Center for Urban Education at the University of Pittsburgh. His research, teaching and policy interests concern urban education, teacher education, African American literature, as well as the sociology of schooling. His study examines policies and practices that support teacher success in urban schools and higher poverty schools.

Professor Milner's work has appeared in many journals, and he has published six books. His widely read book, published in 2010 from Harvard Education Press, is: Start where you're do not stay there: Recognizing diversity, opportunity interruptions, and instruction in today's classrooms, which represents years of research and development effort. His new book, Rac(e)ing to course: Confronting race and poverty in schools was printed in 2015 from Harvard Education Press.

Professor Milner consults with districts and schools Throughout the country. He can be reached at

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Ruby K. Payne

Ruby K. Payne, Ph.D. of Baytown, Texas is a professional educator since 1972. She has been department chairperson and a secondary-school instructor, an elementary-school principal, a consultant, and also a administrator. The lessons are the bedrock on which aha! Process, Inc. was built.

Her first book, A Framework for Understanding Poverty, is a very highly effective tool for educators to use when teaching children from poverty. She has led countless workshops and has worked together with several thousand teachers and administrators, both nationally and internationally. Aha was founded by Ruby Payne! Process, Inc. (previously RFT Publishing Co.) from 1996 and serves as the president. In that capacity, write and she proceeds to consult.

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Paul C. Gorski

Paul C. Gorski is the founder of EdChange and an Associate Professor of Integrative Research in George Mason University's New Century College.

He has spent nearly 20 years on building equitable learning environment, working with other educational organizations and colleges. Gorski has educated for Hamline Universityat the University of Maryland--College Park along with the Humane Society University. He made his B.A., M.Ed., and Ph.D. from the University of Virginia and can be damn close to finishing an M.F.A. in imaginative writing at Hamline University. He lives with his cats, both Unity and Buster.

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