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Jacob D. Rockwell

Jacob D. Rockwell is originally from Morro Bay, California and has been an expert in training introverts to be successful in all aspects of existence. Within the past five years, Jacob has aided countless introverts utilize their personality traits that were unique to excel in leadership, relationships, and their careers.

As an introvert himself, Jacob contrasts with all the special challenges introverts face on earth that seemingly favors extroverts. He has found success as both a consultant and a writer and has overcome distinct obstacles along the way. Instead of advising introverts to become more extroverted, Jacob believes that introverts have.

If not training clients or composing, Jacob enjoys hiking, reading, and planning his next travel experience. He's got a adoring English Sheepdog and is married to his wife Karina.

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"How can I find work that fits me perfectly? Could I have a profession I am passionate about? -a job that's not a big compromise, realistic, uses my talents fully, fits my character, doing something I like that things to me" These are queries that master career trainer and social scientist Nicholas Lore has assisted thousands and thousands of individuals reply. Since the director of Rockport Institute (, his work has been commended for excellence from President Clinton. "In composing The Pathfinder I put on paper exactly the same procedure we use to coach customers through making a career change. Although our work is all about career options, it's actually about lifestyle decisions, and about creating one's lifetime and potential rather than having yesteryear decide what we can do"

Lore's Rockport Institute has coached smarter, complicated people, working one-on-one, through profession change (and authentic selection for younger customers) than any other company. The lessons learned give his novels depth and breadth, passion and expertise.


I was born on a mountaintop in Tennessee, like my childhood hero Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier, at a small village with dirt streets that turned to mud once the perfect blue Appalachian skies cried on the men who, together with my dad, made atomic bombs.

Later on I lived in Greenwich Village during the times when it had been the center of this explosion of creativity that has been The Sixties. My fellow villagers were folks like Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix. My great passion was asking into unexplored possibilities: how do people live their own lives creatively, fully self-expressed and fulfilled, so without giving up their sense of play and wonder. I studied psychology, Eastern philosophy, anthropology and literature, and engaged in the 60's full tilt. My buddies became rock stars, explorers, painters, and writers, and scientists that had discovered their way of sel

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