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Zora Neale Hurston

Zora Neale Hurston was born on Jan. 7, 1891, at Notasulga, Alabama.

While she was a toddler, Hurston moved to Eatonville, Florida with her family. Her writings show that no recollection of her Alabama beginnings. Eatonville was always.
Growing up in Eatonville, in an eight-room home on five acres of property, Zora had a relatively joyful childhood, despite regular clashes with her preacher-father. Her mother, on the other hand, advocated young Zora and her seven sisters to "jump at de sun."
Hurston's idyllic youth came to an abrupt end, though, when her mom died in 1904. Zora was just 13 years old.
After Lucy Hurston's departure, Zora's father remarried fast and appeared to have little time or money for his kids. Zora worked a string of menial jobs within the years, fought to finish her education, and eventually joined a Gilbert & Sullivan travel troupe as a maid to the lead singer. In 1917, she turned up in Baltimore; by then, she was 26 years old and still had not completed high school. Needing to show herself as a teenager to qualify for free instruction, she lopped off her life-- evengiving her age as 16 along with the year of her arrival . Many years were not revived, once gone: From that time forward, Hurston would present herself.
Zora also had a fiery intellect, and an infectious sense of humor. Zora used heaps more -- and these talents--to elbow her way into the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s, befriending such luminaries as poet Langston Hughes and favorite singer/actress Ethel Waters.
By 1935, Hurston--who had graduated from Barnard College in 1928--had published a number of short stories and posts, as well as a book (Jonah's Gourd Vine) plus a well-received selection of black Southern folklore (Mules and Men). But the late 1930s and marked the true zenith of her profession. She released her masterwork,

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