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Don Orwell

Don Orwell is currently a creator of Superfoods Association, Superfoods blogger and writer of many Superfoods novels. He switched on eating only whole foods Superfoods at 2009 after being diagnosed with significant vascular troubles and very low thyroid. Superfoods helped him regain his health, lose weight, mend his hormones imbalance and assisted with his mum ADHD issue. He chose to explain his weight reduction experience and inspire folks to start rethinking their eating habits. Equation for fat loss and great health is quite easy:

Whole Foods Superfoods + Water - Processed Foods = Weight Loss and Good Health

Estimates from the Authorities:
"Our food should be our medicine and our medicine ought to be our meals." - Hippocrates
"All diseases begin in the intestine" - Hippocrates 460 - 370 BC
"At america and most Western nations, diet-related chronic diseases represent the single biggest cause of morbidity and mortality. All these disorders are epidemic in modern Westernized populations and generally afflict 50-65% of the mature population." - Origins and Evolution of the Western Diet: health implications for the 21st century -American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Consider the old adage: "You're What You Eat"
"How Can You Go Wrong With Superfoods-only Diet?"

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Vesela Tabakova

Vesela Tabakova lives in Bulgaria together with her family of five, a mad Jack Russell Terrier along with three embraced dogs.

Reading is her passion and java is the drug of choice. She enjoys cooking and preparing natural, homemade beauty goods for loved ones members and friends. Her inspiration comes in several tried and tested recipes which circulate inside her extended family, however she also experiments all the time to be able to make new and varied recipes, much better suited to modern tastes.

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