The Best Superhero Books Free - July 2020

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Best Value
Stan Chakra Invincible Comic Special ebook product image


Captain Animal Super Hero Book ebook product image


Top Choice
Depressed Alcoholic Superhero Amazing Adventures ebook product image


HERO Academy Superheroes Training Superhero ebook product image


ResurrXion Free Previews Spotlight Marvel ebook product image


Best Seller
Potty Superhero ready pants Book product image


Sword Gods Chosen Saga Book ebook product image


Free Comic Book Day 2014 ebook product image


Lillim Callina Chronicles Volumes Hatter ebook product image


Animax Free Comic Special Issue ebook product image

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Mary E. Twomey

Mary E. Twomey lives in Michigan with her husband and three adorable kids. She loves writing, reading, vegetarian cooking and telling her children excellent stories of wombats.

Mary also writes romance under the title Tuesday Embers.

Twitter @shesleepssoftly

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Anna Erishkigal

Anna Erishkigal is a recovering lawyer who writes fantasy fiction so that her coworkers don't question whether her pleadings that are lawful are fantasy fiction too. Much of legislation -is- fantasy fiction. Lawyers simply prefer to call it 'zealously representing your client.'

Seeing the shadowy underbelly of existence makes for some interesting literary personalities. Run home and write about, or the sort you want to incarcerate. Without worrying about the truth you can fudge facts. In pleadings that are legal, if your client lies for you, you appear dumb.

At least in fiction, even if a character becomes bothersome, you can always kill off them.

Anna loves hearing from her readers! See her website at to figure out about upcoming releases, insights to the inspirations behind her books, and sign up for her NEWSLETTER in You can also chat with her Facebook in

Be epic!
Anna Erishkigal

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